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Traffic Crashes Set 50-Year Record in 2015

SAN DIEGO – Whenever you step in a vehicle, you’re surrounded by safety features: seatbelts, air bags, crash avoidance technology. Cars have certainly undergone improvements over the last few decades but despite these improvements, 2015 saw the largest percentage rise in traffic deaths in the past 50 years, according...

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“Conveyor Belt” of El Niño Storms Halt Drivers

SAN DIEGO – You’ve heard about the Almighty El Niño by now but its full power hasn’t been unleashed… yet. That could change this week and drivers in Southern California should prepare for rain. A lot of rain. Just take a look at satellite images and you can see...

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Gas Leak Capped: What’s Next?

LOS ANGELES – The natural gas leak that drove thousands of people from their homes has finally been plugged, according to a Southern California utility company. A blowout spewed tons of methane gas into the air over the past 16 weeks over the Los Angeles neighborhood of Porter Ranch....

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Assistance For Massive Gas Leak Victims

LOS ANGELES – If you live in or have recently visited the community of Porter Ranch, your health could be at risk. California Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency this week due to a massive gas leak that continues to spew methane and other toxins into the...

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Massive Methane Leak Displaces Thousands in Southern California

A sign indicates stepped up presence of Los Angeles police officers where many people have left their homes because of a massive natural-gas leak in the Porter Ranch neighborhood of the of the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles, on December 22, 2015. Utility officials in Southern California...

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How “Concussion” Could Be Game-Changer

LOS ANGELES – If you enjoy the movies, you might be looking forward to the premiere of the movie “Concussion,” opening on Christmas Day. On the other hand, you might not because it could change the way the nation views sports and other high-contact activities. For decades, sports were...

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The Dangerous Train Flaws that put Lives in Danger

LOS ANGELES – Defective parts may have contributed to the Feb. 24 train accident in the Los Angeles suburb of Oxnard that killed one and injured more than 30 others. Two couplers and a cowcatcher were listed as ‘flawed parts,’ according to a confidential Metrolink report. The crash is...

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Preparing for Weather – Whatever it May Be

LOS ANGELES – If you live in the northeast or on the Pacific coast, you could be in for a shocking surprise this month. Folks in the northeast could experience record snowfall (the lack of snow) – places like Buffalo and Rochester haven’t measured a trace of snow so...

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Legal Action Forced Soccer Concussion Protocols

SAN DIEGO – After possibly thousands of concussions and many careers cut short, U.S. Soccer implemented a new protocol last week that aims to curb concussions. The United States Soccer Federation developed a plan that would eliminate ‘heading’ the ball for children 10 years old and younger. The new...

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Shigella Outbreak Linked to Restaurant

SAN JOSE, Calif. – You could be at risk of contracting a ‘ballooning’ bacterial illness if you visited Marisco’s Mexican seafood restaurant in California, health officials said. More than 100 people across the Golden State have been sickened by a shigella outbreak – forcing the state to shut down...

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