The Barnes Firm is here to help you. Our personal injury firm helps individuals and their families who have suffered an injury in an accident. Our personal injury attorneys have experience handling a variety of accident cases, including those listed below. If you or a someone you know has been injured, call us now or contact us online.

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Motor Vehicle Accidents

Whether your car crash was minor or serious, any injuries sustained in an accident can be painful and costly.

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Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be living with a disease caused by asbestos exposure.

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Accidents & Related Injuries

From slip-and-falls to burns, dog bites and roller coaster accidents, we have the experience you need to get results.

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Medical Injuries

A spinal cord injury (“SCI”) can happen in any type of accident, and  these injuries affect the most important structures in the nervous system

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Workplace Injuries

Construction sites are extremely dangerous places to work. Workers must be aware of what’s happening around them at all times.

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Aviation Accidents

We’ve also helped many families and victims of airplane accidents get the best results possible from a claim.

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Defective Products

Our attorneys understand how difficult it can be living with a disease caused by asbestos exposure.

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Dangerous Drugs

Independent research has linked low testosterone drugs, or “low-T” drugs to several serious side-effects and injuries.

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Dog Bites

Millions of people are seriously injured or even killed by pets every year. Most of these dog bite victims are children who may suffer severe injuries, both physical and emotional, as the result of a dog attack.

Boating Accidents

Whether an accident happened on a recreational speed boat, a cruise ship, or on a freight ship, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Accidental Poisoning

There are a number of ways a person can fall ill: from food poisoning to lead, you may be entitled to compensation.

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Slip & Fall Accident

Whether the accident happened from a height, or at ground level, slip and fall injuries can be serious and sometimes, fatal.

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Carnival & Thrill Ride Accidents

Whether it’s a roller coaster accident or an accident on a carnival ride, our team has helped victims and their families recover significant compensation.

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Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing home negligence is so common in America, it’s heartbreaking. Everyone deserves a high level of care, but those most in-need are often abused and neglected.

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Bicycle Accidents

There are many things that can go wrong when you’re riding a bicycle. From unsafe infrastructure to negligent drivers, bicyclists are often the first to suffer.

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Train Accidents

Train accidents happen every single day in America. It’s important to have a legal team who has experience pushing the railroads to improve their safety records.

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Oil Spill Claims

Our team has assisted hard-working Americans who were negatively impacted by recent oil spills. Here’s how we can help…

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E-Scooter Accident

Injured while riding an e-scooter? Our team has the experience you need to help get results.

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“The Barnes Firm did an excellent job on my car accident case. Jade was extremely helpful at answering all of my questions.”

Ghyar A.

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“They handled everything with my accident and got me the maximum amount of money back, more than I thought I would get! Thanks!!”

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