What to Do After a Defective Product Injury

Defective products continue to lurk the aisles of our favorite big-box stores. During the holiday season, there’s no telling what products we’ll add to our shopping carts that may have been carelessly put together or designed. If you or a family member have been injured because of a defect in a poorly-executed product, you have the right to sue the company that allowed that product to get in your hands; but first, you should seek immediate medical care.

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Protecting Your Legal Rights in a Defective Product Case

When you seek medical treatment immediately after an accident caused by another party’s negligence, you take an important step in safeguarding your right to sue. A defective product attorney can help you pursue a claim for damages to cover the costs of your treatment and any other consequences of the accident.

There may be several parties to hold liable for your injury, which makes a products liability case more complex than a typical car accident case. You should take the following measures to increase your chance of successfully bringing forth a claim against the parties responsible for your injuries.

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What to Do After Getting Hurt by a Faulty Product

  1. Keep all remnants of the product. As tempting as it may be to chuck the thing that hurt you in the trash, you need to keep as much of the product as you can as evidence of a defective design or assembly. Whether the item was a drug, medical device, vehicle part or child’s toy, having a physical item to show the court can be critical to your case.
  2. Document the product. Provide as many details as you can about how you came to acquire the product. Keeping your invoice or sales receipt will go a long way in proving liability.
  3. Keep all medical records. In addition to keeping documentation of your defective product purchase, you should also keep all medical records related to the accident. This will make it easier to calculate your damages as well as provide evidence of your injuries.

Contact a Defective Products Attorney

The final step you should take after becoming hurt from a defective product is to call a defective products lawyer at The Barnes Firm. There are time limitations on product liability cases, which means that the sooner you discuss your potential case with an attorney, the better your chances of recovering a just settlement will be.

Our lawyers have decades of experience helping clients hold manufacturers and retailers accountable for faulty products. Schedule a free consultation by calling (800) 800-0000 or contact our lawyers online.

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