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Notable Verdicts and Settlements


The Barnes Firm Getting Results

The personal injury lawyers at The Barnes Firm have helped victims and families around the country get the best possible results from their accident cases. Here are some of our notable verdicts & settlements:

$1.75 MillionPersonal injury victim; details of this case are confidential.

$1,47 million – Motorcycle Accident

Our client was riding a motorcycle when he approached an intersection with a green light. A vehicle heading the opposite direction attempted to make a left-hand turn directly in front of our client. As a result of the T-bone collision, our client was ejected from the motorcycle.

The victim’s family contacted a motorcycle accident lawyer at The Barnes Firm shortly after the accident. Immediately, our team began collecting evidence, including witness testimony which helped secure a substantial settlement for the victim’s family.

Notable Personal Injury Verdicts & Settlements Around the Nation

An accident can happen anywhere, any time. Here are some notable personal injury cases that have happened across the country:

Car Accidents

$47 Million – Victim of Road Rage

$12 million – Car Crash & Burn Victim

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Construction Accident

$3 million – Fall from Scaffold

$2.2 million – Construction Equipment Accident

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Bus Accident

$2.6 million – Rear-End Bus Collision

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Amusement Park/Roller Coaster Accidents

$2.85 million – Thrill Ride Accident

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