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Most Trauma Injuries Happen At Home or In the Car

LOS ANGELES – Millions of Americans suffer injuries every year and almost every person is likely to suffer an injury at some point in their life. Some of these accidents can be deadly too; over 136,000 people are killed as a result of unintentional injuries each year – the...

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Study: Truck Drivers’ Health Linked to Crash Risk

LOS ANGELES – Millions of Americans have medical conditions ranging from minor side effects to life-threatening seizures. Although these conditions rarely occur, they can be brought-on at any moment – even when you’re driving. Medical conditions are some of the top causes of truck crashes today, and many truck...

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Experience Is The Difference

LOS ANGELES – Almost 25 percent of teens and young adults have been involved in an accident or near miss in the last year, and distracted driving is a factor in almost all of the incidents. The poll, conducted by Goodyear, quizzed 1,000 drivers between the ages of 17...

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Tackling Traffic

LOS ANGELES – Traffic is one of the leading causes of injury in the United States, and few cities have more collisions than L.A. That’s why the city recently published a new plan that it hopes will reduce Los Angeles traffic accidents in 2017 by 20 percent. The plan,...

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No Symptoms? A Concussion Can Still Impair Your Driving

LOS ANGELES – Roughly 4-million Americans suffer a concussion every year – and that’s just from sports. Millions more suffer a concussion in a car crash and other work-related accidents, and doctors are just beginning to find out how devastating a brain injury can be. A new study by...

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In a Jam

LOS ANGELES – There are so many things residents and visitors love about L.A., but everyone agrees the traffic isn’t one of them. In fact, drivers spent over 100 hours in SoCal traffic jams last year, more than any other city in the world. Traffic across America is a...

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Why’s My Train Running Late?

LOS ANGELES – Over the last decade, there have been a number of disastrous and heartbreaking train accidents across the nation. Some of these incidents happened in Southern California, where train safety hits home for many families. Nine years ago, a Metrolink commuter train struck a freight train head-on...

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The Hidden Costs of Flying: Injured on a Plane

SAN FRANCISCO – When searching for flights for the entire family, price is a major factor – but a new study warns that it shouldn’t be the ONLY factor. After analyzing the 10 leading domestic airlines for price, convenience, headaches, and extras, researchers found that when shopping for flights,...

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Enforcing the Law

LOS ANGELES – Anyone who’s been behind the wheel of a vehicle knows how dangerous texting and driving can be. It takes your eyes off the road, and it pulls your mind away from the task at hand. This deadly combination of decreased reaction time and distraction can be...

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1 In 4 Drivers Were Using A Phone Before Crashing

LOS ANGELES – The decisions made in the moments before a car crash can be the difference between life, death or serious injury. The problem is, almost one in four drivers were using their phone in those moments before a crash, a new study found. According to research from...

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