Los Angeles and San Diego Rank Among Top 5 Cities For Dog Attacks on Postal Workers

United States Postal Workers (USPS) and other delivery drivers encounter aggressive dogs on the job regularly. In 2022, more than 5,300 postal workers were attacked by a dog. In California, there were 675 dog attacks on postal workers reported, placing Los Angeles (ranked 2nd) and San Diego (ranked 5th) in the top cities for dog attacks; San Francisco, Long Beach, and Stockton also ranked in the top 20.

At The Barnes Firm, our attorneys are experienced in dog aggression and dog attacks that often result in dog bite cases. Our Firm is committed to bringing awareness to dog aggression and helping both dog owners and postal workers to prevent future dog attacks.

How Can Dog Owners Help Prevent Attacks on Postal Workers?

Dog owners can be proactive and put the following safety measures in place to keep dog(s) and postal worker safe:

  • Keep a dog(s) inside, behind a fence, or on a leash during times when mail is delivered.
  • Create a designated delivery area for mail and packages away from the main entrance.
  • Inform postal worker(s) that a dog is on premises by displaying a “Beware of Dog” sign.
  • Supervise a dog(s) when mail is delivered

How Can Postal Workers Reduce Their Chance of a Dog Bite Occurring?

Postal workers, and delivery drivers, can take several precautions to reduce the chance of a dog bite occurring on the job.

  • Look for indications that a dog may live on the property you are delivering mail or a package to; things like a fenced yard, “Beware of Dog” signs or window stickers/decals, water bowls on a front porch or patio, even dog toys in the yard may be clues.
  • Be extra cautious with a new route until you become familiar with the neighborhood and which houses have dogs.
  • Keep a safe distance from any dogs found on a property, especially stray or roaming dogs.
  • Always stay calm. Dogs can sense fear and anxiety which can escalate aggression quickly.
  • Avoid direct eye contact. Dogs may perceive direct eye contact as a challenge or threat.

Postal workers should always be aware of their surroundings and be extra cautious of dogs they encounter on delivery routes.

National Dog Bite Awareness Week is a yearly reminder every June to remind people that dog bites are preventable, and that responsible pet ownership is essential. Increased awareness can make a difference in reducing the amount of dog bites that occur in California.

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