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Hollywood’s Deadly Affair with Asbestos

LOS ANGELES – Since its very first silent film, Hollywood has kept a dark secret. The film industry, which gave rise to talented actors, writers, directors, and cinematographers, was also killing them. For decades, some of Hollywood’s most talented people were slowly and silently diagnosed with cancer. Hollywood had...

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A Dangerous Chore for Children

OAKLAND, Calif. – Despite new technology, features and safety guidelines, U.S. children continue to suffer serious injuries from both riding lawn mowers and push-mowers, a new pediatric study found. In total, nearly 200 children under the age of 18 were injured in a lawn mower accident. In most cases,...

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More Than 20 Hurt in Metrolink Crash

LOS ANGELES – More than 20 passengers reported injuries after a Metrolink train made a sudden stop in Sun Valley on Tuesday. According to the L.A. Times, the train was heading south to Los Angeles when it grazed a tractor-trailer. Officials did not report any serious injuries as a...

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Rewrite Your Commute

SAN DIEGO – The way you commute is beginning to change. Personal mobility in general is changing but it is particularly evident in places like Southern California where hour-long commutes used to be the norm. In today’s society many in the working class find that ‘wasted time’ to be...

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Wake Up Call

OAKLAND, Calif. – Set your clocks forward this weekend – and make sure you get plenty of rest because that lost hour can be felt throughout the entire week. Starting Sunday, it’s officially Sleep Awareness Week and it aims to keep drivers awake at the wheel. An Oakland car accident...

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Your Child’s Safest Car Seat

SAN JOSE, Calif. – If you’re a parent you’ve probably been told the back seat is the safest place in the car for your child. In many ways, experts agree that children are safer in the back seat but a leading safety group says many parents could be making...

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Fix the Sidewalks!

LOS ANGELES – The jagged and dangerous sidewalk you’ve been navigating could be getting fixed soon, although it could take years to complete the repairs. The Los Angeles City Council announced it finally has a plan to fix the city’s disastrous sidewalks after years of neglect. The new plan...

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How Car Crashes Can Affect Children

LOS ANGELES – We know car crashes can be devastating for both individuals and their families but new research suggests that when there is a child injured in car crash, the effects can be long-lasting and sometimes,hidden beneath the surface. It’s now estimated that post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can...

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Ignoring This Raises Your Chance of Crashing

LOS ANGELES – If you have sleep apnea, you know it’s important to regularly follow your treatment program – but many people don’t and it raises the risk of crashing, a new study found. Researchers are concerned truck drivers are picking up these bad habits. Big rigs are some...

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The Chase

LOS ANGELES – If you’ve ever witnessed a police chase in person, it can be a terrifying event. A driver on the run is a dangerous and unpredictable person and after dozens of injuries, the Los Angeles Police Department may review its pursuit policy. More than 70 people were...

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