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Game is a Serious Distraction

SAN DIEGO – Americans are faced with more distractions than ever and we can add another item to a growing list of dangerous distractions: Pokemon GO. Just months after it was released on smart phones everywhere, the popular smart phone game may be responsible for more than 100,000 distracted...

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The Most Vulnerable Person in a Car

SAN FRANCISCO – If you’ve ever been in a car crash, you know how devastating they can be for everyone involved. But a new analysis of nearly 4,000 crashes found that passengers often suffered the most severe injuries. The data, presented by Dr. Amit Gupta at a recent road...

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The Juggling Act

SAN DIEGO – In most states, it’s illegal to have a phone in your hand while driving – and for obvious reasons. A distracted driver is a danger to themselves and others – and, according to the National Safety Council, cell phones are a major factor in 1.6 million crashes...

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Accidents Affect Everyone

LOS ANGELES – More Americans are getting killed in accidents every year, more frequently from overdoses and falls. A new report from the National Safety Council said that 136,000 people died in accidents – a 4.2 percent jump from the previous year and a 15.5 percent spike over the...

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Report: This City Has the Worst Drivers in America

LOS ANGELES – In case you haven’t seen the 101 freeway lately, most Angelinos have cars. Not all of them particularly like driving, especially with so much traffic but they’re behind the wheel nonetheless. It’s a way of life in Southern California and it’s a dangerous one. According to...

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America Tops The World in This Category

SAN FRANCISCO – Car crashes. Americans are behind more of those than any other country. Despite safety improvements and a gradual decline in the number of motor vehicle deaths over the last several decades, America is still number one – and not in a good way. Every day, roughly...

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The Painful Impacts Of Bumper To Bumper Crashes

LOS ANGELES- It’s time to face the cold hard facts: the Southland is synonymous with traffic and traffic means accidents can and will happen. The question is, when will the next accident happen? Los Angeles County’s section of the Pacific Coast Highway is known for its car crashes. In...

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It’s 2017

LOS ANGELES – You will certainly see many changes in 2017, especially in the auto industry as it continues to make strides to improve safety and automated technology. Unfortunately, even if you buy a new vehicle you’re probably going to need to pay more than your neighbors to get...

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The Dangerous Effects Of A Long Rush Hour

LOS ANGELES –Southern California has become synonymous with traffic jams. On average, Americans commute nearly an hour every day, according to Census statistics. Each year, drivers in the Southland spend an average of 90 hours stuck in traffic. That time sitting behind a wheel can not only be frustrating...

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L.A. Rising

LOS ANGELES – Everything is looking up for Southern California. A look downtown shows commercial high rises being built. In residential areas, more homes are being built today than there were in the years building up to the economic recession. In total, Californians are investing $7 billion on new...

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