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Increased traffic often leads to more accidents. Luckily, our San Diego car accident lawyers can help

Back-to-School Traffic Jams

SAN DIEGO — If there’s one image that is synonymous with California roadways, it is the image of a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. While these automotive nuisances can pop up anywhere and for a variety of reasons, the fall back-to-school season certainly doesn’t help alleviate the traffic congestion that leads...

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Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can look at your case for FREE after an illness or injury caused by mislabeled cosmetic products

Beware of Dangerous Cosmetic Products Around Your Children

LOS ANGELES — Children and dangerous chemicals in the home don’t mix. Most (if not every) parent knows to keep things like gasoline, paint thinner, bleach, and powerful cleaning products away from their children. However, how much attention do parents pay to their cosmetic products? A Los Angeles personal...

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A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles tells us how to get compensation for medical expenses stemming from a car crash

Paying for Medical Expenses After a Car Accident in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — After any car accident, you may be wondering what to do. A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles says your first priority should always be to seek immediate medical care. Unfortunately, the costs of this care can quickly accumulate, especially the accident caused serious injuries. So,...

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San Francisco Airplane Injury Attorney describes the most common injuries passengers suffer on airplanes

What Are The Most Common Injuries That Happen On Airplanes?

SAN FRANCISCO — Most people may not worry about suffering injuries while on an airplane aside from the common fear that the airplane may malfunction and crash (although the odds of being involved in a plane crash are much less than those of being involved in a car accident). ...

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A Los Angeles bike accident lawyer says there are specific steps cyclists need to take to get compensation after being hit by a car

Steps to Take if You Were Hit While Riding A Bicycle

LOS ANGELES — Bicycle accidents plague thousands of Californians each year.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were a total of 127 bicyclist deaths from traffic accidents in 2017, accounting for three percent of all traffic accident fatalities.  Bicyclists are vulnerable motorists that often must...

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A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles says injured victims of crashes have only 2 years to file a claim in California. Here's why.

Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Lawsuits in California

LOS ANGELES — California sees its fair share of car accidents each day, with many accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.  According to a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, substantial number of car accidents are caused by one or more driver’s negligent conduct.  Examples of negligent conduct...

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A San Diego car accident lawyer explains why speed is a common factor in car crashes

Do Higher Speed Limits Cause More Car Accidents?

SAN DIEGO — There is a well-established link between speed and car accidents, both in California and around the country. A San Diego car accident lawyer says higher speeds of travel are linked to more car accidents and more serious injuries during car accidents. Drivers exceeding the speed limit...

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A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer explains why trucks can be so dangerous and what you can do after an accident

What You Should Know About California Truck Accidents

LOS ANGELES — Truck accidents often have deadly consequences for the occupants of passenger vehicles that collide with large semi-trucks/tractor-trailers.  A Los Angeles truck accident lawyer says some trucks can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, while passenger vehicles on average weigh approximately 4,000 pounds.  The difference in size between...

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A Los Angeles car accident lawyer explains why you should see a doctor immediately after any accident

Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

LOS ANGELES — One of the first things car accident victims ask themselves after a car accident is whether they should seek medical attention.  Some injured individuals may feel okay or have minimal symptoms (such as a stiff back or neck).  However, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer says many...

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Our San Jose car accident lawyers explain how medical bills can rack-up and cost you more if you don't have the right help after an accident

Who’s Responsible For Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

SAN JOSE, Calif — Car accidents can happen within a matter of seconds, potentially changing a person’s life forever. Some people involved in car accidents walk away without serious injuries, considering themselves lucky. Others are not so lucky, sustaining injuries that are potentially permanent, life-altering, and even fatal in...

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