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How do car insurance companies make money? It's often by paying you less than what you deserve, our best car accident lawyer in Los Angeles says.

Why Won’t Insurance Companies Cover Lost Wages, Medical Bills, Other Costs After an Accident?

Have you or a loved one been hurt in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another and their insurance company is not cooperating? We’ve all seen the auto insurance company commercials that promise they’ll take care of you after an accident. However, as experienced Los Angeles car...

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A Northern California truck accident attorney can help investigate accidents like the one that happened on State Route 99 in Sacramento on November 2nd

Metal Bar Falls Off Truck, Impales Trailing Car On Northern California Freeway

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A horrific accident sent a passenger to the hospital after a metal bar fell off a semi-truck, bounced off the freeway pavement and pierced the front of a trailing Chevy Impala, impaling the right leg of the car’s front seat passenger. Officials with the California Highway...

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After an accident, we can put our best San Diego trip and fall lawyer on your case to help go over your options for FREE

Trip & Falls – What to Do If I’ve Been Injured

SAN DIEGO — When you trip over something, and fall, there’s a high chance of injury. When this happens, there can be a huge amount of strain on your life, your family and your finances. From medical bills to lost time at work, you may be wondering what you...

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How to drive in inclement weather - our Los Angeles car accident lawyer explains

Effects of Inclement Weather on Car Accidents in California

LOS ANGELES — We enjoy calm, sunny skies throughout the year in California, but we do get some inclement weather. Did you know: When rain or other intense weather moves across the state, people have a higher chance of being involved in a car accident on the roadways. Why...

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How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid? Our Los Angeles personal injury attorney explains...

How Do Personal Injury Lawyers Get Paid?

LOS ANGELES — Many personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles and across California offer free consultations, and some law firms in your area like The Barnes Firm take it a step further – promising that you won’t pay anything unless they win your case. With promises like that, many...

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Why Won't A Lawyer Take My Case? The personal injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm explain why your injury case may have been rejected, and what you can do

Why Won’t A Personal Injury Attorney Take My Case?

If you’ve been injured by the negligent actions of another, you’re probably going to contact a local personal injury law firm to learn about your legal rights, and get representation.  Whether you were hit by a distracted driver or you slipped and fell on a wet floor at the...

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Increased traffic often leads to more accidents. Luckily, our San Diego car accident lawyers can help

Back-to-School Traffic Jams

SAN DIEGO — If there’s one image that is synonymous with California roadways, it is the image of a bumper-to-bumper traffic jam. While these automotive nuisances can pop up anywhere and for a variety of reasons, the fall back-to-school season certainly doesn’t help alleviate the traffic congestion that leads...

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Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can look at your case for FREE after an illness or injury caused by mislabeled cosmetic products

Beware of Dangerous Cosmetic Products Around Your Children

LOS ANGELES — Children and dangerous chemicals in the home don’t mix. Most (if not every) parent knows to keep things like gasoline, paint thinner, bleach, and powerful cleaning products away from their children. However, how much attention do parents pay to their cosmetic products? A Los Angeles personal...

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A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles tells us how to get compensation for medical expenses stemming from a car crash

Paying for Medical Expenses After a Car Accident in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES — After any car accident, you may be wondering what to do. A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles says your first priority should always be to seek immediate medical care. Unfortunately, the costs of this care can quickly accumulate, especially the accident caused serious injuries. So,...

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San Francisco Airplane Injury Attorney describes the most common injuries passengers suffer on airplanes

What Are The Most Common Injuries That Happen On Airplanes?

SAN FRANCISCO — Most people may not worry about suffering injuries while on an airplane aside from the common fear that the airplane may malfunction and crash (although the odds of being involved in a plane crash are much less than those of being involved in a car accident). ...

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