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A personal injury lawyer in Los Angeles can help you get compensation if you've been injured on vacation

What to Do If You’re in An Accident While on Vacation?

LOS ANGELES — Enjoying a relaxing vacation to get away from the hustle and bustle of life might be just what the doctor ordered. What many don’t plan on is an unexpected accident that leaves them seriously injured and unable to return to work. This nightmare scenario can leave...

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Shocking truck accident statistics from some of the best truck accident lawyers in San Francisco at The Barnes Firm

Surprising Truck Accident Statistics

SAN FRANCISCO — Most of us feel a tinge of discomfort when driving alongside colossal trailer trucks. The feeling’s natural. Our best truck accident lawyers in San Francisco say these trucks weigh tens of thousands of pounds and are often carrying thousands of pounds of cargo. Truck accidents often...

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Some of the holiday's most dangerous toys could be hazardous for your children. A dangerous toy lawyer explains what parents can do

The “Worst Toys” Of 2019 Holidays

LOS ANGELES — We’ve all seen a toy and had the thought, “wow, that’s a dangerous toy!” It’s even a scene in the famous holiday favorite, A Christmas Story.  You may not ‘shoot your eye out’ with any of the top holiday gifts of 2019, but many of them...

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close up of a police car with its lights on at night

Do I Need To Call The Police After A Car Accident In San Diego?

SAN DIEGO — Getting into a car crash is something the vast majority of people experience at least once or twice in their lives. While most accidents do not cause life-threatening injuries, they’re nearly all inconvenient and costly. One of our best car accident lawyers in San Diego says...

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close up of the front of a semi truck on the road

Why are Commercial Trucks So Dangerous?

LOS ANGELES — Millions of commercial trucks line the country’s interstate each and every day. Truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles with years of experience say these trucks are involved in upwards of 500,000 collisions annually. About one person is killed in a truck accident every 16 minutes and,...

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a pair of car keys next to a glass of alcohol on a bar

How to Avoid a Drunk Driving Accident During the Holidays

SAN DIEGO — The Barnes Firm and our best car accident lawyers in San Diego are committed to educating people about accident prevention in the hopes of saving lives.  The holiday season is here and our firm hopes you, your family and your friends have a wonderful holiday season...

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deer crossing a road with a car in the background

Deer Cause Serious Accidents in the Fall Season

Each year, there are tragic car collisions with deer during the fall months.  The reason there are many deer-car collisions during autumn is that the fall is the mating and migration season for deer, as well as many other animals.  AAA recommends that drivers use extreme caution when driving...

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a close up of car insurance paperwork being held and a pen

Why Won’t Insurance Companies Cover Lost Wages, Medical Bills, Other Costs After an Accident?

Have you or a loved one been hurt in an accident caused by the negligent actions of another and their insurance company is not cooperating? We’ve all seen the auto insurance company commercials that promise they’ll take care of you after an accident. However, as experienced Los Angeles car...

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A Northern California truck accident attorney can help investigate accidents like the one that happened on State Route 99 in Sacramento on November 2nd

Metal Bar Falls Off Truck, Impales Trailing Car On Northern California Freeway

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A horrific accident sent a passenger to the hospital after a metal bar fell off a semi-truck, bounced off the freeway pavement and pierced the front of a trailing Chevy Impala, impaling the right leg of the car’s front seat passenger. Officials with the California Highway...

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a person about to trip and fall from a crack in the sidewalk

Trip & Falls – What to Do If I’ve Been Injured

SAN DIEGO — When you trip over something, and fall, there’s a high chance of injury. When this happens, there can be a huge amount of strain on your life, your family and your finances. From medical bills to lost time at work, you may be wondering what you...

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