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    Recovery from a Dog Bite

    Recovery from a Dog Bite OAKLAND, Calif. – Dog bites are both physically and mentally scarring, especially for a young child. Unfortunately, children are most at risk for suffering a vicious dog bite. An attack can leave a child with permanent disfigurement with an astounding medical cost. It’s estimated...

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    The Dog in Your Own Backyard

    The Dog in Your Own Backyard SAN DIEGO – Every parent is urged to remind their children to use caution around strange dogs, or avoid them altogether. While that is good advice, strange dogs are not necessarily the most dangerous pets to have around children. A new study has...

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    Beware of Dog

    Beware of Dog Dogs and postal workers don’t often get along. In recent years, the strained relationship between letter-man and beast has become so prevalent that the United States Postal Service began counting the number of dog attacks in each city. According to the USPS, more than 6,500 employees...

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