After an accident, we can put our best San Diego trip and fall lawyer on your case to help go over your options for FREE

    Trip & Falls – What to Do If I’ve Been Injured

    SAN DIEGO — When you trip over something, and fall, there’s a high chance of injury. When this happens, there can be a huge amount of strain on your life, your family and your finances. From medical bills to lost time at work, you may be wondering what you...

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    A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles tells us how to get compensation for medical expenses stemming from a car crash

    Paying for Medical Expenses After a Car Accident in Los Angeles

    LOS ANGELES — After any car accident, you may be wondering what to do. A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles says your first priority should always be to seek immediate medical care. Unfortunately, the costs of this care can quickly accumulate, especially the accident caused serious injuries. So,...

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    A Los Angeles bike accident lawyer says there are specific steps cyclists need to take to get compensation after being hit by a car

    Steps to Take if You Were Hit While Riding A Bicycle

    LOS ANGELES — Bicycle accidents plague thousands of Californians each year.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were a total of 127 bicyclist deaths from traffic accidents in 2017, accounting for three percent of all traffic accident fatalities.  Bicyclists are vulnerable motorists that often must...

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    A car accident lawyer in Los Angeles says injured victims of crashes have only 2 years to file a claim in California. Here's why.

    Understanding the Statute of Limitations for Car Accident Lawsuits in California

    LOS ANGELES — California sees its fair share of car accidents each day, with many accidents resulting in catastrophic injuries or death.  According to a car accident lawyer in Los Angeles, substantial number of car accidents are caused by one or more driver’s negligent conduct.  Examples of negligent conduct...

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    A San Diego car accident lawyer explains why speed is a common factor in car crashes

    Do Higher Speed Limits Cause More Car Accidents?

    SAN DIEGO — There is a well-established link between speed and car accidents, both in California and around the country. A San Diego car accident lawyer says higher speeds of travel are linked to more car accidents and more serious injuries during car accidents. Drivers exceeding the speed limit...

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    A Los Angeles car accident lawyer explains why you should see a doctor immediately after any accident

    Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

    LOS ANGELES — One of the first things car accident victims ask themselves after a car accident is whether they should seek medical attention.  Some injured individuals may feel okay or have minimal symptoms (such as a stiff back or neck).  However, a Los Angeles car accident lawyer says many...

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    Our San Jose car accident lawyers explain how medical bills can rack-up and cost you more if you don't have the right help after an accident

    Who’s Responsible For Medical Bills After A Car Accident?

    SAN JOSE, Calif — Car accidents can happen within a matter of seconds, potentially changing a person’s life forever. Some people involved in car accidents walk away without serious injuries, considering themselves lucky. Others are not so lucky, sustaining injuries that are potentially permanent, life-altering, and even fatal in...

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    Our San Francisco car accident lawyer explains why summer is a dangerous time to be driving

    Summer Weather and Vehicle Accidents

    SAN FRANCISCO — While people might think that most vehicle accidents involving inclement weather occur during the winter, the summer months can present even higher dangers. According to a San Francisco car accident lawyer, thousands of accidents that take place during the summer are due to the weather conditions....

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    Our best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles explain why your risk of getting injured may be higher in the summer

    Events Leading to Trucking Accidents this Summer

    LOS ANGELES — Trucking accidents are known for causing extensive vehicle damage and serious injuries. Some of The Barnes Firm’s best truck accident lawyers in Los Angeles say accidents can be more common during the summer due to a number of events that raises your risk on the roads....

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    The Barnes Firm's best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles explain what makes summer a dangerous time to be on the roads

    Five Reasons Car Accidents Rise During the Summer

    LOS ANGELES — Summer is many people’s favorite time of year and understandably so. The days are filled with copious sunshine, swimming, and cookouts. But our best car accident lawyers in Los Angeles are warning Californians that summer can also mean a more dangerous experience on the roads. Each...

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