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    What Should I Do If I Was in a Bus Accident? A common question our bus accident lawyers in the Bay Area hear -- they explain what to do

    What Should I Do If I Was in a Bus Accident?

    OAKLAND, Calif.— Those who are involved in Bay Area bus accidents often suffer serious injuries and have no idea how to start the claims process. While it may seem obvious to speak with a police officer or the bus driver in order to make a report, a Bay Area...

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    A San Francisco bus accident lawyer determines who's at fault in common bus crash scenarios

    Who Is At Fault In A Bus Accident?

    SAN DIEGO — The number of buses on California streets and highways can become overwhelming. To accommodate California’s growing population and tourism, buses are essential to help people navigate a very large and busy state.  The different types of buses seen daily around San Diego include city buses, private...

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    Remembering Those Lost in California Bus Crash

    LOS ANGELES – A lone palm tree on the corner of Vermont Avenue and Olympic Boulevard was surrounded by votive candles and decorated with notes, pictures and flowers. “Rest in peace,” one note reads in Spanish. Dozens of friends, family and neighbors started the growing memorial on Monday to...

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    Recordando a ésos perdido en accidente de autobús de California

    LOS ANGELES – Una palmera solitaria en la esquina de la Avenida de Vermont y bulevar Olímpico fue rodeado de velas y adornado con notas, fotos y flores. “Descansen en paz,” una nota lee en español. Docenas de amigos, familiares y vecinos comenzaron el memorial cada vez más el...

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    Dozens Injured in California Tour Bus Crash

    LOS ANGELES – Dozens of casino-goers were injured and at least 13 were killed when a California tour bus crashed into the back of a tractor-trailer on Interstate 10 Sunday morning near Palm Springs, state police said. The crash happened at around 5:15 Sunday morning west of Indian Avenue...

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    Docenas heridos en accidente de autobús de Tour de California

    LOS ANGELES – Resultaron heridos docenas de asistentes al casino y al menos 13 murieron cuando un autobús de tour de California se estrelló contra la parte trasera de un camión-remolque en la carretera interestatal 10 el domingo por la mañana cerca de Palm Springs, dijo la policía del...

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    Boosting Bus Safety

    OAKLAND, Calif. – Your neighborhood intersection is more dangerous than ever. Think about it. Pedestrians are often distracted by their smartphones – sometimes crossing a street without giving it their full attention. Further adding to the safety problem, drivers can be pressured into making hasty decisions; whether they’re distracted,...

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