What Causes Car Accidents in Summer?

The change of season means warmer weather and long vacations. Along with all of the wonderful things that summertime brings, it also attracts more drivers on the road — and the potential for more accidents. According to the National Traffic Highway Safety Administration, most car accidents occur between the months of July and September. The question is, what causes car accidents in the summer? There are a number of reasons.

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Teens on The Road During Summer Months

During the summer months, teenage drivers are free of many responsibilities such as school and sports practices. They spend more time with their friends and take to the road to get to their activities. Many teens also cruise the roadways as an activity to pass time. For teens, when driving is recreational it can become dangerous.

A car accident lawyer says teenagers often cause more accidents than adults. Being new to driving and unfamiliar with the roadways leads to an increase in detrimental driving mistakes. Teens are also at a higher risk for distracted driving accidents caused by texting or using their smartphone while behind the wheel.

Summertime Increases the Likelihood of Drinking and Driving

Every year, more than 10,000 people die in alcohol-related crashes. The majority of those accidents occur during the summer months. Throughout the summer, there are many drinking-related activities on the calendar for both adult and teenage drivers. Barbeques, late-night parties, and sporting events are all prime opportunities for drivers who have been drinking to get behind the wheel. Summer holidays are also a major cause of drinking and driving accidents. July 4th is the deadliest day of the year for motorcyclists and the second deadliest for automobile drivers.

Driving Drunk
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Summer Construction Creates More Road Hazards

As soon as the snow melts in the spring, construction crews come out in droves to begin work on the many major roadways and expressways. Unfortunately, an increase in construction also means a rise in unexpected road hazards such as slower speed limits, traffic cones, construction vehicles, and workers. When drivers are not prepared for these hazards or not paying attention to the roadways, it’s often a recipe for disaster. According to the NHTSA, thousands of accidents occur each year in construction zones.

Hot Temperatures Mean Mechanical Breakdowns

The average temperature during the summer months is around 80-degrees. As the temperature increases, it becomes more difficult for large mechanical equipment like cars to function properly. Risks associated with higher temperatures for cars are:

  • Faster water evaporation in the battery
  • Hot pavement wears away at car tires, causing blowouts
  • Oil is used at a faster rate
  • Gas evaporates more quickly

The Barnes Firm’s car accident lawyers says all of these factors play a role in car breakdowns that can cause dangerous accidents on the roadway.

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Accidents In Summer Cause an Increase In Injuries and Death

If you or a family member has been injured in a summertime car accident, you might be able to seek compensation for your injuries and pain and suffering. A car accident attorney experienced in these cases can walk you through the process and help you determine the settlement you’re entitled to.

At The Barnes Firm, we’ve been representing clients in car accident cases for years. We want to help you win your case. To schedule a consultation with our legal team, contact our office today.