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When it comes to working on a construction site, there are many dangers that workers need to be aware of at all times. Whether operating heavy machinery or working with large power tools, accidents and injuries can easily occur if workers are not adequately trained or their employers are negligent. As the premier construction accident attorneys in Oakland, our skilled team of lawyers will fight to get proper compensation for all of our clients who have been involved in a construction site accident.

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About Our Best Construction Accident Lawyers In Oakland

If you’ve experienced any trauma due to a scaffold fall or accident and were not provided with the required means of safety, you need to contact Oakland’s construction accident attorneys to perform a free case evaluation of your scaffold accident.

The Barnes Firm serves the Oakland area and its nearby cities including San Francisco, San Pablo, San Jose, Hayward, San Mateo, Berkeley, Freemont, Palo Alto, San Lorenzo, Richmond, Concord, Santa Clara, Piedmont, Albany, and more.

The Different Types Of Construction Accidents

scaffolding at a construction site

Get To Know The Cases Our Best Scaffold Accident Lawyers In Oakland Have Handled

Nearly half of the construction site injuries that occur are due to falls and scaffold accidents. When working from any height, most construction workers are required to wear safety equipment. Luckily, in recent years, most construction companies now have much more strict rules for employees when working on or around scaffolding, which has helped prevent countless incidents of injury.

Defective Equipment & Machinery

When working with dangerous equipment, accidents happen fairly regularly; but if you’re injured and unable to work due to use of a defective tool or operating a broken machine, you may be entitled to compensation further than the worker’s compensation benefits your company provides. As Oakland’s choice for construction accident attorneys, our law firm will provide the necessary research and expertise needed when dealing with recalled equipment and defective power tools to ensure our clients receive the rewards they’re entitled to after an injury.

silhouette of a construction crane with a sunset in the background

Cranes & Forklifts

Operating large machinery that is malfunctioning or is uninspected can result in tragedy for construction site workers. Heavy vehicles such as cranes and forklifts require many precautions and the utmost attention to detail when being utilized. Other risks include these machines being blown over by the wind or accidents during machine transportation. All crane and forklift operators must be well-trained and aware at all times to prevent serious accidents from occurring.

Power Tools

When working with power tools, particularly saws, workers who have not correctly been trained are at risk for severe injuries to occur. It is the responsibility of all supervisors to ensure that each worker is appropriately trained and safe before allowing them to use any form of power tool equipment. Call our law firm today if you’ve been involved in a construction accident due to improper training or defective equipment, such as a saw that was missing a saw guard.

high voltage power lines and pole


The risk of experiencing an electrical shock is relatively common in the construction industry. Whether building an office building or tearing it down, there are serious risks when live electrical wires and circuits are not shut off appropriately. Serious injury or death can easily occur due to electrocution. Any instances of live wires or electrical incidents need to be brought to supervisors immediately.

Falling Objects

When working on a construction site, especially during demolition projects, construction workers face the very serious risk of being injured by falling debris or objects. Small objects such as hammers, can cause severe brain injuries when they fall even from short distances. When large objects or equipment fall, workers are very likely to experience life-threatening injuries or even wrongful death. If a falling object has injured you, you need the construction accident attorneys of Oakland to fight to get the necessary compensation to pay off medical expenses and rehabilitation costs.

Los Angeles Construction Zone

Talk With Our Best Construction Accident Lawyers In The Bay Area

No matter the incident while on the job, turn to The Barnes Firm, Oakland’s construction accident attorneys, to get you the financial compensation you deserve after an injury on site. Not only will our experienced trial attorneys explore every avenue to ensure our clients receive the care and rewards they need after an accident, but we’ll also hold the negligent parties responsible and make sure these construction-related accidents from occurring in the future.

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