Dangerous Drug Attorneys

At The Barnes Firm, we understand the severity of dangerous pharmaceutical drugs. When big pharmaceutical companies place profits above peoples’ safety, individuals suffer incredible injuries. The Barnes Firm’s personal injury lawyers dedicate their time to fighting for clients and protecting your rights. Our personal injury lawyers are here to assist anyone who has suffered from the side effects of dangerous drugs. We strive to achieve justice for those suffering from hazardous drugs and holding pharmaceutical companies accountable for their irresponsible actions.

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Dangerous Drugs

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Defective Medicines & Drugs

The pharmaceutical industry is continuously generating new drugs. These new medicines are developed daily to treat conditions and cure illnesses, but these drugs are often marketed and sold to consumers with inadequate testing. Without the proper analyses and trials, these medicines are being inappropriately prescribed and endangering people’s lives. There is a long list of defective drugs that are considered hazardous, these are just some of them:

  • Ephedra

Ephedra is found in various decongestants, diet pills, and allergy medications. It’s been linked to heart attacks, strokes, and even death.

  • Trasylol

Trasylol has been taken off the market, but currently people are still in distress from the drug. It was meant to help with blood clotting for those suffering from extreme blood loss, but it has been linked to complications such as heart failure, strokes, and kidney damage.

  • YAZ

According to research, this drospirenone birth control pill can increase the risk of blood clots by double, compared to women who have not taken YAZ.

  • Zyprexa

The side effects of this schizophrenia medication include pancreatitis, diabetes, and hyperglycemia.

Wrong Prescription
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There is a long list of faulty prescription drugs that have shown to harm its users. The Barnes Firm’s dangerous drug attorneys offer professional legal guidance for anyone who has experienced the detriment of faulty medication. Our lawyers are trained to steer you through lawsuits and confront pharmaceutical companies for their wrongdoings.

Our Dangerous Drug Attorneys Are Here for You

It’s unethical for the pharmaceutical industry to take advantage of those in pain and struggling. The developers and distributors of these defective prescription medications fed its audience a false promise of relief and hope for their distress. It’s unjustifiable, and the dangerous drug attorneys at The Barnes Firm stand with those who have been taken advantage of.

The dangerous drug lawyers at The Barnes Firm are committed to helping victims and their families getting compensation for the unexpected side-effects and injuries dangerous prescription drugs can cause. Our lawyers are highly trained and familiar with how pharmaceutical companies work. In fact, we’ve taken some of America’s largest corporations to court – and we’ve won. To ensure you receive the compensation and justice you deserve, let a professional dangerous drug lawyer from The Barnes Firm handle the job.

If you or a loved one has suffered with pain or caught an illness from faulty medical devices or untested prescription drugs, The Barnes Firm encourages you to reach out. Our team of dangerous drug attorneys are dedicated to serving its clientele and strive to achieve justice. To schedule a consultation or free case evaluation, call The Barnes Firm at 1(800) 800-0000.

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