Will My Insurance Cover Physical Therapy After a Car Accident?

If you’ve ever experienced the shock of being in a car accident, you know how scary it can be. Along with emotional distress, you also might be dealing with physical pain after being in a car collision. In many instances, your car insurance company will assist you in recovering compensation that you’re due after an accident to cover expenses – like repairing your vehicle and covering your medical bills. When your medical bills include ongoing physical therapy, those fees should also be covered. In a perfect world, if the accident wasn’t your fault, you shouldn’t have to pay for medical or physical therapy expenses at all.

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Who Should Pay for Your Physical Therapy After a Car Accident?

The jolt experienced during a car crash is usually so abrupt that it injures anyone involved. Many people experience pain from a whiplash or worse – neck and back injuries. If you’ve been in a car accident, there’s a good chance that you’ll need to regularly endure physical therapy to get back in shape and to fully recover.

If you need physical therapy, who pays for it? If the accident was your fault, your insurance company would typically cover the cost of physical therapy to a certain extent. Your insurance policy will have these amounts predetermined, and anything beyond that number usually means you’re paying out-of-pocket for it. If the accident was not your fault, then the other driver’s insurance should cover your medical and physical therapy expenses. Usually, there’s a limit for these medical expenses — for example, let’s say $30,000. If your medical expenses exceed this amount, that does not mean you’re stuck paying out-of-pocket. But the insurance company might offer you a settlement to cover your costs.

When offered a settlement from an insurance company, you should never accept their first offer. Always speak with a car accident attorney who specializes in car accidents before agreeing to any settlement.

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How to Pay for Long-Term Injuries Requiring Physical Therapy

Many injuries require ongoing treatment and care through physical therapy after a car accident. Sometimes a couple of months of physical therapy is enough for a full recovery; sometimes, it can be a couple of years. You’ll need to speak with your physical therapist to predict how long your recovery time might be.

To pay for long-term physical therapy, the at-fault party’s insurance will use the policy’s liability coverage. If the coverage is not enough to cover the costs of your physical therapy after an accident, the settlement funds from the at-fault party’s insurance will have to. That’s why it’s so critical to have an experienced and knowledgeable car accident attorney specializing in car accidents on your side to fight for the settlement that you deserve. You shouldn’t have to pay a single penny for your physical therapy or medical costs after an accident that wasn’t your fault.

Trust Our Car Accident Lawyers at The Barnes Firm

Collecting compensation after a car crash to cover medical expenses for physical therapy is an extensive process. If you’re being offered a settlement from an at-fault driver’s insurance company, be sure you get every dollar that you deserve by consulting your experienced car accident attorney.

With one of The Barnes Firm’s best car accident lawyers on your side, you can be assured that you’ll get the best result possible. As one of the nation’s largest personal injury law firms, we’ll help you recover the maximum compensation you’re owed after a car crash to cover physical therapy, medical costs, lost wages, and so much more.

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