What Type of Doctor Should I See After a Car Accident?

Intense pain and trauma after an accident aren’t only difficult to cope with; they may cause debilitating injuries for those involved. Stress brought on by medical injuries, expenses, and damages can overpower even strong-minded people. Concerns about injury treatments produce an almost intolerable feeling of uneasiness, which is why it’s important to get your questions answered from the proper healthcare providers.

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Types of Doctors That Treat Accident Victims

The type of treatment and doctor you need depends on the scope of your injuries. Never assume your injuries are no big deal and miss out on the care you need. Any doctor you see should be qualified to treat car accident victims and dedicate him or herself to your comfort and recovery following an accident. After a car accident, you might need to see one of the following doctors:

  • Emergency room doctor: When your injuries are life-threatening and you are not able to physically walk away from the accident, you need to be rushed to the emergency room.
  • Primary care or urgent care doctor: If you’re able to walk away from the accident without any noticeable injuries, make an appointment with your primary care doctor as soon as possible. You can also consider going to urgent care, where you won’t need an appointment and they might be open later.
  • Medical specialist: If you had surgery or have a specific injury, your doctor may refer you to a medical specialist who will be able to provide you with additional treatment and diagnostic tests. For example, you may need to see an orthopedist if you suffered neck or back injuries, or you may need to see a neurologist if you suffered from head trauma.

It’s critical to never put off receiving treatment. Trying to tough out your pain will only make it worse, and it suggests to insurance companies and juries that your injuries weren’t serious enough to receive compensation because you didn’t seek out medical treatment right away.

Options for Medical Care if You Primary Care Physician Won’t See You

In several instances, primary care doctors refrain from treating patients that have been hurt in a car accident. It may have to do with the excessive paperwork, phone calls, and billing processes associated with car accidents, or it could just be that your doctor’s practice isn’t set up for billing auto insurance companies. Otherwise, it may be the simple fact that your doctor is not comfortable treating your injuries due to the possibility of being called to testify in court.

If you’re denied care from your primary care doctor, you still have options. Your first option would be to go to the emergency room if you need urgent medical attention. You will pay out of pocket, but the fees are subject to reimbursement from your claim. Your other option would be to hire a personal injury attorney who can set up a consultation with a doctor who will treat you. A reliable personal injury attorney will have a list of doctors who know exactly what types of injuries to look for after a car accident.

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Always Receive Prompt Medical Attention After a Car Accident

Getting into an accident—no matter how minor—can cause critical injuries. After a crash, your health should be the focus, and by receiving prompt medical attention, you may be able to reduce the severity of your injuries. An untreated injury can worsen your condition and have long-lasting consequences on your physical, mental, and financial state.

Seeking medical care after a car accident can also be of grave importance to your personal injury case. Your medical records will be used to evaluate the validity and value of your claim and support your side of the story, including establishing a diagnosis, treatment plan, and future prognosis. The cost of care and any time you miss from work due to your injuries will play a significant role in how much compensation you collect.

Contact a Highly-Rated Car Accident Lawyer

When someone else’s negligence causes you to suffer injuries, personal injury law gives you three years from the date of the injury to file a lawsuit against them to recover compensation for medical bills, lost wages, and other accident-related expenses. A highly-rated personal injury attorney at The Barnes Firm can help you navigate the complexities of your personal injury case, including answering any question you may have regarding the type of doctor you should see.

At The Barnes Firm, our top priority is ensuring that all our clients receive high-quality services. Not only are we primed in injury laws, but we are backed by a significant track record of settlements and hundreds of satisfied clients. Reach out to The Barnes Firm to discover all the ways we can help you after your car accident. Complete our contact form to schedule a free consultation or call us anytime.

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