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At The Barnes Firm, we dedicate our work to achieving justice for every single one of our clients. Our dangerous drug attorneys recognize the detrimental effects that faulty prescription drugs can have on innocent victims. The pharmaceutical industry should not prosper at the expense of struggling people, which is why the Oakland dangerous drug attorneys at The Barnes Firm fight for their clients.

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About Dangerous Drugs In Oakland

The duty of a lawyer at The Barnes Firm is to protect clients’ rights and accomplish the justice they deserve. We understand the distress that the effect of defective, dangerous drugs can have on individuals, which is why our certified lawyers provide professional guidance on dangerous drug cases.

The Barnes Firm serves the Oakland area and its nearby cities including San Francisco, San Pablo, San Jose, Hayward, San Mateo, Berkeley, Freemont, Palo Alto, San Lorenzo, Richmond, Concord, Santa Clara, Piedmont, Albany, and more.

Have You Fallen Victim to Tainted Medication? The Barnes Firm is Here to Help

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It’s not unusual to find various prescription bottles within a medicine cabinet of any US home. In America alone, around 44% of the population takes at least one prescription drug. The pharmaceutical industry seems to be booming, but at what cost? People are taking prescription medication and suffering from severe side effects. Doctors warn patients of side effects, but the extreme side effects are usually disregarded.

Besides from ignoring the possibility of certain side effects, medications are not receiving the proper tests and trials. An inadequate analysis of a drug or complete lack of testing puts thousands, even millions of citizens at risk. The dangerous drug attorneys at The Barnes Firm recognize the careless behavior of the FDA and pharmaceutical companies and strive to offer solace for the victims of faulty medications.

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The lawyers at The Barnes Firm of Oakland are board-certified and well versed in the pharmaceutical industry. Our dangerous drug attorneys are familiar with filing lawsuits against big name corporations, which is why we encourage you to file your personal injury case with The Barnes Firm. Our lawyers guide their clients through every step of the process to ensure the client is aware of the legal happenings. We recognize that it can be challenging to understand legal jargon, especially if it’s surrounding the pharmaceutical industry. The Barnes Firm’s dangerous drug attorneys dedicate their time to steering clients through the process of filing a personal injury lawsuit. Clients deserve to know what they are paying for, and our lawyers in Oakland help to direct them throughout the entire procedure.

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If you are in the Oakland area and need a dangerous drug attorney, The Barnes Firm is happy to assist you. The health repercussions of faulty medications and other prescriptions can happen to anyone and the pharmaceutical industry should not get away with harming innocent individuals. The lawyers at The Barnes Firm is there for its clients every step of the way. We understand the hardships you may be experiencing, and legal troubles will only be an additional stress.

Allow our dangerous drug attorneys to handle your injury lawsuit and achieve the compensation you deserve. If you reside in the Oakland area, we encourage to contact us to schedule your free case evaluation today.

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