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You’re out of work, your medical bills are piling up, and you’re in pain from accident injuries. When you can return to a normal life? That’s a great question an Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer may be able to help with. It’s their job to get you on the road to recovery, and explore every option possible to get the compensation you deserve.

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About Our Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers In Oakland

California highways and roadways contain have more motorcycle riders than any other state. Over 800,000 residents are registered with a motorcycle license. Which makes sense — the weather is gorgeous,  the views are breathtaking, and the highways offer a perfect balance of peaceful paths and thrilling routes. But no one can ignore the fact that the roads are dangerous places.

When someone has been involved in a motorcycle accident, they call the top Oakland motorcycle accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm. They’re available to assist the moment an accident occurs. Our injury lawyers can help you decide the best plan of action for your case, and if moving forward with a legal claim is appropriate.

For years, our law firm has served the Greater Oakland area and its residents that are going through the stressful and challenging aftermath of a motorcycle crash.

The Barnes Firm is here to serve the Bay Area and its nearby cities including San Francisco, San Pablo, San Jose, Hayward, San Mateo, Berkeley, Freemont, Palo Alto, San Lorenzo, Richmond, Concord, Santa Clara, Piedmont, Albany, and more.

What To Know About Motorcycle Accidents

motorcycle rider going down a road from the view of the biker

California Motorcycle Laws

Every year in the state of California, 12,000 motorcyclists are injured in an accident and more than 500 are killed. Some research experts attribute these high accident numbers to the simple fact that California has more bikers on the road than any other state across the nation, but our Oakland car accident lawyers, who have decades of experience examining accident scenes and injuries, argue that all of these accidents are preventable when drivers are alert and focused on the road.

California law recognizes that motorcycles are inherently different from passenger vehicles and therefore has instituted two unique laws specifically for cyclists.

Lane Sharing

Lane sharing, as the name implies, is when two vehicles going the same direction share a lane. Lane sharing can be done by a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle or two motorcycles, but is limited to bigger roads with multiple lanes. Safety experts as well as the California Department of Motor Vehicles both discourages riders from participating in sharing lanes calling it, “not safe” and “riding between stopped and moving cars in the same lane leaves the motorcyclists vulnerable.”

If you or a loved one were injured in a motorcycle accident while lane sharing, you might need to open a personal injury suit to recover your losses. To learn more about your legal rights and all the options available to you, contact an Oakland motorcycle accident attorney now.

Motorcycle Accident Attorney
close up of two motorcycles

Lane Splitting

Different from Lane Sharing, Lane Splitting is another California law which allows motorcycles to occupy space in between traffic lanes. Lane-splitting most often happens during very slow moving traffic where the surrounding passenger vehicles are stopped. However, this does not make it a safe practice. Motorcyclists must use extreme caution and use their best judgement when moving through intersections to avoid a lane-splitting accident.

Helmet Law

The Barnes law firm also advises all bike riders to wear a helmet — in fact, California is one of the few states that requires all riders, regardless of age, to wear one. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), wearing a helmet is the number one single most effective way to save lives. If an accident were to occur and the crash victim is found without a helmet, it would be very difficult for our Oakland motorcycle accident attorneys to seek full compensation should a head injury be present.

motorcyclist wearing a helmet and standing next to their bike fixing their glove
view from a driver of a car going towards a motorcyclist

Oakland Motorcycle Accident Causes

Because motorcycles are less visible, have higher performance capabilities, and tend to be less stable than regular automobiles it makes them especially susceptible to bring hit. Additional causes of motorcycle accidents include:

  • Parts malfunction
  • Hazardous weather conditions
  • Vehicle merges into a bike riders lane
  • Vehicle cuts off the motorcyclist
  • Tailgating a motorcyclist
  • Collision with telephone pole or other stationary object
  • Uneven roads (due to construction or something else)

Our Oakland Motorcycle Accident Attorneys Are Here for You

Depending on the cause of the crash, crash victims can suffer a broad range of injuries from broken bones to a concussion or even worse, death. It’s also important to note that motorcycle injuries can be tricky,  just like any other accident injury. Riders may feel fine initially but could have a head, neck, or back injury lingering beneath the surface. Therefore, it’s critical to seek medical attention as soon as possible.

The Barnes Firm’s top Oakland motorcycle accident attorney can help anyone who’s been injured in a Northern California accident. If you have any questions, comments or concerns on how to initiate a motorcycle accident lawsuit, do not hesitate to contact us at (800) 800-0000.


Our Best Motorcycle Accident Lawyers in Oakland

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