The Most Common Bike Accident Injuries

Whether you ride your bike to commute or simply for pleasure, following the rules of the road is imperative to your personal safety. Unfortunately, there are times when following the rules of the road won’t negate the negligence of others and an accident occurs. Bike accidents are events that can leave a person devastated physically and emotionally. If you ride your bike around the town, it’s important to educate yourself regarding the risks. These five injuries are the most common bike accident injuries to protect yourself against.

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rear view of bicyclist in the bike lane wearing a backpack

How Do Bike Accidents Lead to Road Rash?

More than just a minor scrape, road rash is a painful injury that’s caused when bare skin meets the hard pavement. When someone experiences road rash, pieces of dirt and other road debris are often embedded in their skin. Road rash takes a long time to heal and requires continual cleaning and frequent changes to your bandages.

How Traumatic Brain Injuries Happen in Bike Accidents

One of the most devastating injuries associated with bike accidents is Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). TBIs are caused by skull fractures, cranial hemorrhages, and concussions. The worst TBIs can create long-term side effects such as:

  • Memory loss
  • Long-term disability
  • Loss of mobility
  • Loss of brain function

Some TBIs can be treated with the hope of full or partial recovery while others are untreatable. For that reason, it’s imperative to wear a helmet at all times when riding a bike.

Bicycle Helmet
Bicycle Helmet

Can Broken Bones Happen in Bike Accidents?

As with any other accident, broken bones are extremely common in all bike accidents. Typical bones broken in bike accidents include legs, arms, clavicles, and the neck. Some broken bones resulting from bike accidents are so severe that they require surgery and long-term physical therapy to heal. Furthermore, broken bones require immediate attention following a bike accident or there is a risk they won’t heal properly.

How Bike Accidents Lead to Maxillofacial Injuries

Although a helmet protects the head, there isn’t necessarily a piece of gear that protects the face from injuries in a bike accident. So, it’s not uncommon for riders to experience maxillofacial injuries such as broken teeth, lost teeth, a fractured jaw, and more. Unlike other injuries that can be taken care of at a hospital, maxillofacial injuries require the expertise of an oral surgeon to repair.

cyclist riding a bike with a blurred background
cyclist riding in a bicycle lane

Serious Internal Injuries From a Bike Accident

In any car accident, the potential for internal injury is high. In bike accidents, however, the potential becomes even higher because the rider’s body is almost completely exposed to the elements. Many bike riders who get into accidents suffer internal injuries such as:

  • Ruptured spleen
  • Pancreatic trauma
  • Hernias
  • Renal contusions
  • Bowel contusions

Internal injuries can be difficult to diagnose and often require major surgeries to repair. Anyone involved in a bike accident should always go to the emergency room following an accident to ensure they’re free of internal injuries.

Take Action After Your Bike Accident

If you’ve been involved in a bike accident, chances are you’re entitled to compensation from the negligent party for your injuries. The Barnes Firm’s bicycle accident attorneys are available 24/7, and happy to offer a free consultation whenever it works best for you. Call The Barnes Furn Personal Injury Attorneys today.