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When you’re choosing a personal injury attorney, there are a lot of things that matter. We simplify the things that matter by breaking them down into the three variables that you should be assessing when choosing a San Diego personal injury attorney. These things are as follows: Proven Results, the Best Law Team, and the Most Experience.

Proven Results

Results are one of the best gauges a client can have to let them know whether or not the service they are contemplating will be worth it in the end. Here at The Barnes Firm, we are confident that our results speak for themselves and stand as a testament to our ability to fight for you.

In the realm of personal injury from car accidents, we have been successful for victims of various types of accidents, including car crashes and rear-end collisions. After a road rage accident that severely injured one young person, we were able to get them a $47 million settlement.

Construction accidents can be equally devastating. We earned one client a $3 million settlement for an injury they sustained after falling from scaffolding. In another instance, we were able to win $2.2 million from a backhoe accident.

One notable case that we fought for was a personal injury incident on a roller coaster at well-known theme park. In this case, we won our client $2.85 million when the proposed settlement before one of our attorneys took the case was only $250,000. In a large case that we cannot disclose information about, we also earned another personal injury victim $1.75 million.

As the numbers above show, we are personal injury attorneys in San Diego that have proven results for a variety of personal injury cases, and we will do our utmost to help you get the best settlement.

Hiring the Best

The best are often recognized by their peers as being on top. The attorneys at our law firm have won many awards and have received a range of accreditations that identify their skill sets. Our San Diego personal injury attorneys are members of groups like The Best Lawyers in America, LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review, and Million Dollar Advocates Forum.

These prestigious groups only accept members that meet the criteria in their respective fields. The Best Lawyers in America and LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review recognize lawyers for their superior legal abilities and their high level of ethical standards.

Our personal injury attorneys made their way onto the Million Dollar Advocates Forum by acting as principal counsel in cases with settlement amounts of $2 million or more. This forum is by far one of the most prestigious groups for lawyers in the United States.


Our San Diego personal injury attorneys, Christian Oliver, Jeffery Bodily, and Richard Mackie have won hundreds of court cases, earning their clients tens of millions of dollars collectively. Whether you’re looking for San Diego car accident lawyers, construction accident lawyers, or a lawyer for any other personal injury, our attorneys will always do their utmost to get you the best possible result for your case.

Let Us Handle Your Personal Injury Case in San Diego

Our lawyers work tirelessly to get their clients the settlements they deserve for their personal injury cases throughout the greater San Diego area. People looking for a law firm to actively represent their case and thoroughly investigate the factors that contributed to an individual’s industry should not hesitate to get in contact with our office.

If you are in need of a San Diego motorcycle accident lawyer, slip and fall injury lawyer, or medical malpractice lawyer, turn to The Barnes Firm. Our team is confident in their ability to produce results for your personal injury case. For individuals interested in becoming a client, our personal injury attorneys in San Diego are available 24 hours, seven days a week. Get in contact with us at 800-800-0000. We’re looking forward to advocating for you.

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