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About Motorcycle Accidents In San Francisco

Motorcycle accidents happen too frequently in California, and the injuries sustained from these accidents by motorcyclists tend to be much more severe than the car or truck drivers on the other end. In fact, motorcyclists are at least four times more at risk for fatalities compared to their covered vehicle counterparts (cars, trucks, SUVs, etc.). The laws of the road are presumably in place to protect motorcyclists and other motorists; however, these laws are far from perfect and leave motorcyclists vulnerable on the road and underrepresented in the legal sphere.

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The Barnes Firm Helping Motorcyclists

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The Barnes Firm Can Put Your Mind At Ease

When you are in a motorcycle accident, there are many questions you may be struggling to answer such as: Who is at fault? How will I afford the medical bills? How long will I be out of work?

Not to worry! Our trained and experienced attorneys at The Barnes Firm have extensive knowledge of road laws and the nuances associated with motorcycle accidents and can give you the answers you need. Our attorneys are passionate about providing the best legal advice to their clients and fight for their clients’ rights and injury claims with the appropriate tenacity and shrewdness. We are proud of the work we do and the undivided attention we give to each of our clients. Dealing with personal injury claims, along with the injury itself and the costs of medical services and motorcycle repairs, is usually stressful enough, so let the  San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers take the case and relieve you of your anxiety! Give The Barnes Firm a call today for a free case evaluation!

How Are State Laws Impacting Your Case?

Even with the high risk associated with riding a motorcycle, California laws for motorcyclists seem to attribute to even higher accident rates among our state’s riders and their passengers. However, automobile drivers and motorcyclists have the same rights when it is time to initiate a personal injury claim after getting in an accident, so it is vital to understand the laws and your rights as California motorists.

To promote this understanding, the San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm have compiled a few of the California laws that may be causing more harm than good for motorcyclists in our state.

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Though not legal in many states throughout the country, lane-splitting is legal in California. This action, which is permitted through a motorcycle-specific state traffic law, allows motorcyclists to weave in and out of slow or stopped traffic. This is a much-contested law because of the dangers and the benefits associated with lane-splitting. On the one hand, this practice frequently speeds up traffic, breaks up highway congestion, reduces exhaust inhalation by motorcyclists, and prevents bikers from being pulverized between two cars or trucks. On the other hand, human error has not yet been cured, and it is more prevalent at high speeds. There is also a higher chance of avoidable collisions between motorcyclists who cannot see around larger vehicles and between them and other vehicles due to imperfections in the road and blind spots.


Lane-Sharing is only permitted on larger roads and highways, and it allows cyclists to share a lane with another passenger vehicle or motorcycle. Though sharing lanes can keep traffic flowing, it is a rather unsafe practice that has been condemned by the state DMV. Despite this fact, lane-sharing is still legal in California and has been the cause of numerous accidents over the years.

We encourage all motorcyclists to be careful on the roads, but if you have been in an accident as a result of these legal driving practices, the San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers from The Barnes Firm will be there to cover the legal side!


The Barnes Firm Promise

No matter the severity of the accident, it is prudent to contact knowledgeable, passionate, and experienced attorneys to gather all the relevant information, converse with insurance companies, and then initiate the lawsuit for you. The Barnes Firm’s San Francisco motorcycle accident lawyers have handled many different motorcycle accident cases over the years as a result of unsafe driving practices, driver negligence, mechanical failures, road irregularities, etc. They will work tirelessly to get their clients the compensation and justice due to them.

If you have been the victim of a motorcycle accident in San Francisco or anywhere else in California, give our legal team a call by dialing 800-800-0000 to set up your free legal consultation today.


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