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Falls are among the most injuries that happen on construction sites. When workers are using ladders and scaffolds, their risk is even greater due to the potential instability of these structures.

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Each year, there are approximately 50 fatalities and 4,500 injuries from scaffolds alone. In many cases, these accidents were the result of poorly constructed scaffolds. Plank slippage and support failures are also common causes of scaffold injuries.


As a general rule-of-thumb, all ladders should be checked for steadiness before being used.  There are also other safety measures that can help workers who need to do their job from heights; these may include non-skid rungs and side guardrails.

close up of a person standing on a ladder
construction workers on the top of a building site, strapped into scaffolding for safety


Falls can happen anywhere – even on the ground level. Some of the most common places falls occur on construction sites and work areas include:

  • Roof tops
  • Poles
  • Holes in the floor
  • Stairways
  • Unstable walls
  • Thin or weak flooring
  • Griders

It is crucial to have guardrails, safety nets and fall arrest systems in place whenever a worker is doing a job at any height.

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When someone suffers an injury after a fall at a construction site, they could be entitled to significant compensation. Negligent companies and their supervisors should be held accountable for any accidents that happen on their watch. Call The Barnes Firm today or contact us for a FREE case evaluation.

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