Amazon Recall

A report published in 2020 found that dozens of Amazon electronics were still for sale on the popular application despite many customers reporting that the products have melted, exploded or even started fires. The report has even caught the attention of Congress. In a letter sent to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Senators from Connecticut, New Jersey and Massachusetts explained that Amazon had ignored customers’ safety concerns.

Thousands of Amazon customers may have purchased faulty and dangerous electronics, which could result in a fire, injury, or even death. If you believe your family has been adversely affected by any dangerous electronics, The Barnes Firm’s best defective product lawyers are here to help evaluate your legal options for FREE.

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AmazonBasics Recall

As one of Amazon’s popular labels, AmazonBasics offers thousands of electronics ranging from batteries to cell phone chargers and kitchen appliances. Thousands of product reviews covering almost 100 items have described potential safety hazards. The potential hazards stemming from these products include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire
  • Injury
  • Electrocution
  • Choking hazards
  • And more…

Dozens of the items for sale have since been removed by Amazon, but a recent report found that many of the hazardous items in question are still for sale on Amazon applications and its website.

Surge Protector Recall

One of the items that has safety advocates raising red flags in an AmazonBasics USB cable and surge protector. With more than 1,500 reviews, many customers cited the surge protector as being particularly dangerous. Even after several customers were compensated by Amazon for fire damages, the product remained on sale for years.

In 2020, Amazon finally pulled the surge protector from its products, but reports suggest the company never notified its customers of potential fire hazards, nor did it post any messages explaining why the product was removed from its site.

“Amazon must immediately stop the sale of dangerous and defective AmazonBasics products, recall them, and effectively and immediately notify consumers of potential risks,” the trio of US Senators wrote in their letter. “It is simply not enough to delete a product’s retail listing page, leaving behind a dead URL and removing these consumer warnings from view. There is no excuse for purchasers of these products not to be immediately notified about consumer safety issues.”

Safety advocates say while the reviews citing product hazards are rare, the products should be well-made and properly tested so that these risks are mitigated and are not passed down to consumers.

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Amazon Recall Lawsuit

Despite many reviews highlighting potential safety problems with Amazon products, the company has only issued an Amazon product recall twice. As a result, the company has faced dozens of federal lawsuits over product liability. Some of the items of concern include:

  • Surge protector fires
  • Phone chargers
  • Paper shredders
  • Microwaves
  • And more…

If you recently purchased a product from Amazon that resulted in a fire, injury or death, The Barnes Firm’s best defective product lawyers will evaluate your legal options for FREE.

The Barnes Firm Helping Victims of Defective Products

The Barnes Firm’s top defective product lawyers have handled countless cases of hazardous merchandise. Whether stemming from major product recalls to prosecuting cases involving merchandise that has yet to be recalled, our team’s experience and its track record of success can prove to be a reliable resource for victims of faulty products.

If you believe you purchased a defective Amazon product, we can put our best defective products attorney on your case so you can be confident you’ll recover the best possible result.