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There are many rules and regulations specific to bus companies and government transit lines.  As a victim, navigating such legal regulations can quickly become frustrating. But with The Barnes Firm on your side, we can help put together a solid claim that will hold up in court.

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An experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorney, as well as an experienced pedestrian accident lawyer in Los Angeles, can help you understand your rights and determine how these laws could apply to your case.

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Things To Know About Bus Accidents

man looking at a tablet on a bus

In the event of a bus accident, your initial feelings of shock can be overwhelming. However, if you ever do find yourself in a bus accident, you must remember that you are your first priority. If you have incurred either a serious or even a seemingly minor injury, it is vital that you find immediate medical attention.

Whether it is you or someone else involved in the accident, those who receive immediate medical care for any injury greatly increase their chances of survival, while also decreasing the likelihood of suffering any permanent injuries or disabilities.

Once the accident victim has been placed in the care of trained medical professionals and is receiving proper injury care, we strongly recommend contacting the experienced Los Angeles bus accident attorneys and at The Barnes Firm as soon as possible.

About Our Best Lawyers for School Bus Accidents

Over 23 million children ride a bus to school every day in the United States. Statistically, these are among the safest vehicles on the road, but a school bus accident can happen at during any time, and sadly, there are scores of accidents involving school buses every year. Most often, these accidents involve kids outside a school bus, where a child’s jacket or backpack can become caught in the bus doors as the school bus drives off.

Other cases often involve motorists who fail to stop when school bus lights are flashing. This is not only illegal – it’s highly dangerous, and many children are struck by oncoming vehicles passing a stopped school bus.

close up of the back of a school bus and emergency door
child getting on a school bus with a backpack on

Such bus accidents can be traumatizing – not only for the child, but for parents as well. The good news is that all of these school bus accidents can be prevented by following local laws and by practicing these safety tips from your Los Angeles bus accident attorneys.

  • Have a designated bus stop area.  Having a stop area designated for children waiting for the bus is often critical to avoiding easily preventable accidents. Further, making sure that stop areas are located well away from the street and busy traffic can also go a long way, as younger children are often prone to wandering when playing and running outdoors.
  • Do not come near a school bus until it comes to a complete stop. This point is particularly important for drivers. Frequently, having to brake and pause for a school bus during morning traffic can feel tedious or even frustrating. However, being careful to obey the law and give such school buses plenty of space is essential to avoiding tragic accidents from occurring.
  • Teach your child to walk at least 10′ away from the bus before crossing the road when exiting a school bus. Even with the best of school bus drivers on the road, mistakes and lapses in attention can still happen. Not only must drivers be on full alert, but children also should be taught to always give school buses a wide berth when exiting to make safety easier for everyone.
  • Always be conscious of any traffic around you, and wait for the bus driver to motion your child to cross. When they see the school bus pull up around the corner, the first instinct many kids have is to run for the bus right away without looking for oncoming traffic. Teaching your children to always look both ways before crossing the street is vital, especially in situations where they may not be paying as much as attention as they would normally.

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