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The thriving construction industry in the Bronx and surrounding boroughs employs over 370,000 workers who play an integral role in shaping New York City’s skyline. Unfortunately, construction sites are ranked amongst the most dangerous work environments. Even with safety guidelines in place, construction accidents still occur and can result in severe physical, emotional, and financial consequences for workers and their families.

If you or a loved one have been injured in a construction accident, our team of experienced Bronx construction accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm are here to help. Call us today at (800) 800-0000 for a FREE case evaluation.

New York State Construction Labor Laws

New York State has implemented labor laws to safeguard the rights of construction workers by ensuring safe working conditions and the availability of proper equipment. Property owners and construction contractors are obligated to take proactive measures that create safe construction sites.

  • Section 200 of the New York State labor law states that owners and contractors must provide laborers with reasonable and adequate protection for the lives, health, and safety of all individuals employed or lawfully present at such locations. It further mandates that machinery, equipment, and devices within these premises should be positioned, operated, guarded, and illuminated in a manner that offers appropriate and sufficient protection to all individuals concerned. If a potentially hazardous piece of equipment is identified, owners or contractors must put up a warning notice and rectify the hazardous conditions.
  • Section 240, the “Scaffolding Law”, sets specific guidelines for scaffolding use on construction sites. It requires that scaffolding erected more than 20 feet above the ground be equipped with securely attached safety rails, measuring at least 34 inches in height, and extending along the entire perimeter. Additionally, scaffolding must be structured to bear a load four times greater than the maximum weight it is expected to support. Proper erection, securing, and fastening of scaffolding are also mandated by New York labor law Section 240.
  • Section 241 of New York State’s labor law mandates that workers are entitled to protection against safety hazards that could potentially cause injury. This includes measures such as enclosing elevator shafts, solid flooring, and having appropriate safety equipment to prevent slip and fall incidents.

These labor laws exist to make construction sites safe and protect the well-being of construction workers. If you have been injured due to a property owner or contractor’s negligence, you may be eligible to seek financial compensation for your injuries. If your employer has violated these labor laws, contact The Barnes Firm today at (800) 800-0000 for a FREE consultation. It could be the best call you make.

Types of Bronx Construction Accident Cases We Handle

At The Barnes Firm, our Bronx construction accident attorneys possess the skills, expertise, and resources necessary to successfully handle a variety of construction accident injury cases. Some of the most common causes of construction accidents that we handle include:

  • Brazing or welding accidents
  • Building collapse
  • Caught in or between objects
  • Crane accidents
  • Dangerous equipment & machinery
  • Electrocutions
  • Elevator accidents
  • Falling objects and debris
  • Fires and explosions
  • Forklift accidents
  • Nail gun accidents
  • Roof and ladder falls
  • Scaffolding collapse
  • Slip and Falls
  • Toxic chemicals

Construction site owners and operators are responsible for ensuring that all safety guidelines are strictly followed to prevent construction accidents.

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Common Injuries from Construction Accidents

Construction accidents can result in a variety of injuries, ranging from bruises and concussions to paralysis and other life-altering injuries. The most common injuries suffered from construction accidents are:

If you have suffered from any of these injuries, you may be entitled to compensation. The personal injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm will provide the highest quality legal representation to help you get the best result possible. Call The Barnes Firm today at (800) 800-0000 to speak with a Bronx construction accident attorney and find out what your case is really worth.

What to do After a Construction Accident

If you’ve been injured in a construction accident, your safety is of utmost importance. Regardless of the circumstances or severity of the accident, it’s important to:

  • Dial 9-1-1. Immediately call 9-1-1 to request medical attention and report your accident to the authorities.
  • Document the accident scene. Take pictures and videos of the site where you were injured, any unsafe conditions or machinery involved with your accident, and your injuries. Document witnesses with their names and a statement. All evidence matters.
  • Report the accident to your employer. It’s crucial that you report your accident to your employer immediately.
  • Seek medical attention. Regardless of the severity of your injuries and how you feel, seek medical attention. Your health and well-being are top priorities following an accident. Ensure to keep all medical bills and paperwork following an accident, as these can be important factors in your personal injury claim.
  • Contact The Barnes Firm. If you or a loved one were injured in a construction accident, call a Bronx construction accident attorney at The Barnes Firm. Our team of knowledgeable construction accident attorneys will investigate every aspect of your accident, negotiate with insurance on your behalf, and take your case to trial, if necessary.

Determining Liability in a Construction Accident

Determining liability in any personal injury case can be a complex process. After construction accidents, victims may be able to file a worker’s compensation claim that enables them to pursue compensation from their employer. If a third party contributed to your injuries resulted from the construction accident, you may file a personal injury lawsuit against that third party in addition to the worker’s compensation claim filed against your employer. Negligent third parties you can pursue legal action against include:

  • Contractors
  • Engineers
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Property owners
  • Subcontractors

What Damages Can I Seek Following a Construction Accident?

When filing a personal injury claim following a construction accident, your eligibility for additional compensation beyond worker’s compensation depends on how it relates to your injuries. Additional compensation may include:

  • Current and future medical bills
  • Emotional distress
  • In-home nursing care
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Permanent disfigurement
  • Physical therapy
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Rehabilitation
  • Future lost wages

If your construction accident injuries were caused by a negligent third party, you have the right to seek compensation. The Barnes Firm is dedicated to assisting you in this pursuit. Our Bronx construction accident attorneys will thoroughly investigate the circumstances and parties involved in your accident to determine the value of your case.

How Long Do I Have to File an Injury Claim Following a Construction Accident?

If your injuries were a result of another party’s negligence, you have a three-year timeframe, starting from the date of the construction accident or the discovery of your injury, to pursue a personal injury claim. At The Barnes Firm, our accomplished team of Bronx construction accident lawyers are ready to assist you in filing a personal injury claim following a construction accident.

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