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A Los Angeles car accident lawyer explains why you should see a doctor immediately after any accident

Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

Should I See a Doctor After a Car Accident?

One of the first things car accident victims ask themselves after a car accident is whether they should seek medical attention.  Some injured individuals may feel okay or have minimal symptoms (such as a stiff back or neck).  However, a car accident lawyer says many injuries don’t show symptoms right away after an accident, especially when adrenaline is in full gear, masking some of the pain.

Why You Should Seek Medical Attention Following a Car Accident

If you sustained injuries in an accident, you should seek medical attention to assess your condition and determine if your injuries are a result of the car accident.  There are many reasons for doing so, which include the following:

  • REASON #1 – You may be injured but don’t feel all of the symptoms and pain related to your injuries. Prompt medical attention can uncover potential unknown injuries (especially internal injuries which aren’t visible).
  • REASON #2 – You need to document your injuries and symptoms as soon as possible after a car accident. Early documentation of injuries is helpful if you file an insurance claim to recover compensation or pursue legal action against the person allegedly at fault for causing your injuries.  Without documentation, it can be difficult to recover compensation, and if you wait too long, your injuries may be linked to something that happened after the car accident.  Also, if you do proceed with legal action, early documentation of injuries is very helpful when proving your case.  A Los Angeles car accident lawyer says waiting weeks or months to see a doctor may suggest your injuries aren’t serious or that you’re trying to link new injuries to a prior car accident.
  • REASON #3 – There are time limitations on how long you have to file a lawsuit.  With car accident cases, the date you sustained injuries is the date of the accident.  The sooner you can determine what your injuries are and whether those injuries were sustained in a car accident, the sooner you can proceed with filing an insurance claim or seeking legal action by filing a civil lawsuit.

Your Health Should be Your Priority

Before considering who is at fault for causing an accident and whether you may be entitled to compensation, you first must ensure you’re in good health.  Neglecting to seek medical attention after an accident could place you at risk for sustaining further damage.  For example, if you have an open wound and believe you can recover on your own without medical treatment, you may run the risk of developing an infection, which can then create a whole new set of medical problems.

Another example is a common one – neck and back pain.  While you may feel as though your neck and back pain aren’t severe, a prompt medical evaluation can rule out serious problems such as fractures, spinal cord damage, and disc problems (bulging or herniated).  Waiting too long to seek medical attention may result in your injuries becoming worse over time.  Many neck and back injuries don’t present severe symptoms until weeks or months following an accident.  As such, determining the severity of a neck or back injury right away after a car accident can help to ensure you’re taking the right steps to address and treat your injuries.

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