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School bus accidents happen every year, and even the most careful or safety-minded school bus driver cannot guarantee a collision- or accident-free trip to or from school. The San Diego school bus accident lawyers with The Barnes Firm explain that finding justice after such terrible incidents is not always a straight path.

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About School Bus Accidents In San Diego

School districts and bus drivers are responsible for transporting millions of children from their neighborhoods to their school buildings. Between school supplies and reading lists, conferences and after-school extracurricular activities, parents already have a lot to worry about. The last thing they can think about is a school bus accident in San Diego.

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Who’s to Blame for School Bus Accidents in California?

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No amount of money can ever make up for a person’s injuries that are the result of a school bus accident – particularly if that person is your child. Nonetheless, injuries sustained in a school bus accident can place a tremendous financial burden on the child’s parents, and it is not fair to expect the child’s parents to accept these costs without help.

A school bus accident lawsuit brought in California’s state court system is often the right choice. By filing a claim, parents and other injured parties can seek financial compensation for any injuries that are the result of a school bus crash.

But just who might be the “person or people responsible”? In a San Diego school bus crash, the list can be long and can include:

  • The bus driver
  • Another driver whose careless actions contributed to the crash;
  • The company that employed the bus driver; and/or
  • The school district.

Depending on the cause of the crash, some entities such as municipalities, engineers, mechanics, and others may also share a part of the blame for causing a school bus wreck. In any school bus accident, however, it’s extremely important to identify everyone who may have been involved in the crash, or had a potential role in it. Like many other states, California will order responsible parties to pay damages that are proportionate to the role that they each played in the accident, so those who were injured have the best opportunity to receive the most compensation.

Keeping Kids Safe on the School Bus

Parents can help keep their children and the children of others safe this school year by teaching their children to:

  • Sit down and keep their voices at a comfortable, indoor level. Sudden movements, horseplay, and shouting can distract or startle a bus driver;
  • If the bus is equipped with seatbelts, fasten their seatbelts and keep them secure while the bus is in motion; and/or
  • Report any suspicious or troubling behavior by the bus driver – aggressive driving, falling asleep at the wheel, or texting while driving, for example – to the parent and/or to a school official as soon as possible.

While these actions may not prevent every school bus accident, these steps may mitigate the risk of a child being injured if the bus were to crash. Reports made to adults about a bus driver’s careless behaviors can be very helpful when trying to prove that the bus driver, school district, busing company, and/or others knew that one of their drivers was not being safe.

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What To Do If Your Family Was Impacted By A School Bus Accident

Anyone who was injured in a school bus accident – whether they were a child or adult – could be owed compensation for their injuries. Typically, this compensation will help them pay for things like:

  • Medical bills
  • Future medical treatments
  • Transportation costs
  • Lost wages at work
  • Future earning potential
  • Pain & suffering
  • And more…

If your family has been impacted by a recent school bus crash, you need the right legal team in your corner to help you through this difficult time. At The Barnes Firm, we have experienced school bus accident lawyers in San Diego who’ve helped other families just like yours get the best possible result.

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