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As experienced boat accident attorneys in San Diego, we handle personal injury claims resulting from boat accidents and jet ski accidents, and we also represent clients seeking compensation under the Jones Act.

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About Boat Accidents In San Diego

With our beautiful weather and proximity to the Pacific Ocean, San Diego is one of the top boating cities in the world. Not only do millions of locals and tourists step aboard boats and set sail for recreational purposes in San Diego every year, but countless charter fishermen use our harbors to make a living. When you consider the enormity of the United States Navy’s Pacific Fleet, which is headquartered here, it’s safe to say San Diego is defined by boats.

As with any large motor vehicles, there are a lot of risks involved in the boating industry. Accidents do happen, and they can result in serious injury or even death.

The Barnes Firm is here serving nearby areas: Solana Beach, Coronado, Del Mar, Encinitas, Poway, Carlsbad, Santee, La Mesa, Chula Vista, San Marcos, Oceanside, Vista, Lemon Grove, Spring Valley, Imperial Beach, El Cajon, and Escondido.

What You Need To Know About Boat Accidents

sail boats sailing on a clear water

Boat Accident Statistics

The U.S. Coast Guard tracks the number of boating accidents every year and the injuries that result. Here are some notable findings from a recent report:

  • In 2017, there were 4,291 boating accidents in the United States.
  • Those accidents accounted for 658 deaths and 2,629 injuries.
  • Property damage as the result of recreational boating accidents was estimated at 46 million dollars in 2017.
  • The most common type of boating accident in 2017 resulted from two vessels colliding (1,145 accidents), and those accidents caused a reported 721 injuries.
  • Open motorboats were the most common vessel to be involved in an accident, followed by personal watercrafts and cabin motorboats.

It’s clear that boating safety is a pressing issue, particularly in San Diego, where boating is such an integral part of life and commerce.

As experienced boat accident attorneys in the San Diego area, we care about keeping the water safe and enjoyable for everyone. Based on the statistics, recreational boaters are the most at risk for boating accidents, and it’s important to know how to sail safely.

What Causes Boat Accidents?

Since boats are such a popular option for recreation in San Diego, it’s not surprising that alcohol consumption plays a large role in boating accidents. It goes without saying that operating a boat while intoxicated is dangerous, not to mention illegal.

Other common causes of boat accidents include:

  • Operator not paying attention
  • Improper lookout
  • Operator inexperience
  • Defective equipment
  • Excessive speed on the water
  • Hazardous weather conditions
teenager jet skiing with a life jacket on
life preserver attached to a cruise ship

Injuries resulting from boat accidents can happen in a number of ways – some that you might not expect.

  • Slip and fall accidents on the boat deck
  • Propeller accidents
  • Water skiing accidents
  • Falling overboard

No matter the cause of the accident or specific scenario, if you were injured for any reason while on a vessel through no fault of your own, our boat accident attorneys in San Diego handle only personal injury claims and can go after the compensation you deserve.

ship at sea

Our Best Jones Act Lawyers in San Diego

The Jones Act is a federal law regulating maritime commerce. If you work on a boat and get injured, you would pursue compensation for your injuries under the Jones Act, whereas someone who works on land would file a Workman’s Compensation claim.

If you want to seek compensation under the Jones Act, it’s especially important to hire a lawyer who’s educated and skilled in this type of law. Proving that your injuries were the result of your employer’s negligence can be a big challenge, on land or at sea, and you’ll need strong representation to guide you through the process.

As leading San Diego boat accident attorneys, our team at the Barnes Firm, has years of experience with Jones Act claims in the San Diego area. We know the best way to secure you a fair settlement.

Your Boat & Jet Ski Accident Lawyers in San Diego

Despite being a symbol of fun and frivolity, jet skis can pose yet another hazard in the water. Improper training or negligence on the part of the jet ski operator can cause accidents, but jet skis are also vulnerable when navigating the waters alongside much larger vessels.

All it takes is for the operator of a boat to stop paying attention for one second, and it can result in a catastrophic injury for nearby jet skiers.

Hiring our San Diego boat accident attorneys means having lawyers in your corner with years of experience helping clients who were injured while riding jet skis. We have secured millions of dollars in settlements for our clients over the years through all types of personal injury claims. You can trust us to apply that same level of commitment and perseverance to your case.

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