Auto Accident Case Results

Notable Auto Accident Verdicts & Settlements Around the Nation

$47 Million – Road Rage

A road rage crash severely injured a young man.

$12 million – Burning Car Crash Victim

An intoxicated truck driver crashed into a young woman’s car, causing the vehicle to catch fire. The driver of the car suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns as a result. This case was settled days before a jury was selected.

$2.8 million – Left-Turning Bus Crash

A city bus was making a left-hand turn in front of our client’s vehicle, which collided with the back-half of the bus where a natural gas fuel tank was located. As a result of the collision, the tank ignited and started a fire, which spread to our client’s vehicle. Our team of personal injury lawyers collected substantial pieces of evidence from their investigation of this crash, and were able to recover just over $2.8 million for our client.

$2.6 million – Rear-end Collision

A truck driver pulled over to take his dog for a walk. His wife remained in the passenger seat. As the driver stood in front of the tractor-trailer, a charter bus slammed into back of the truck, jolting it forward. The impact killed the driver, who was directly in front of the truck.A bus accident lawyer secured a settlement for the victim’s wife.

$1.47 million

Our client was riding a motorcycle when he approached an intersection with a green light. A vehicle heading the opposite direction attempted to make a left-hand turn directly in front of our client. As a result of the T-bone collision, our client was ejected from the motorcycle. The victim’s family contacted a motorcycle accident lawyer at The Barnes Firm shortly after the accident. Immediately, our team began collecting evidence, including witness testimony which helped secure a substantial settlement for the victim’s family.

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