Airplane Accidents

We understand how devastating airplane accidents can be for victims and their families, and our team has passionately fought to help improve flight safety around the country.

As experienced airplane accident lawyers, we have the resources families need to fight the big multi-billion-dollar airline companies. The airplane accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm have years of experience working alongside some of the best aviation experts in the country. We’ve also helped many families and victims of airplane accidents get the best results possible from a claim. Our airplane accident attorneys have worked on and resolved regional cases, national disasters and international airplane accidents.

Our airplane accident lawyers are also licensed pilots, and we believe that experience and knowledge of proper flight requirements and procedures gives our clients an advantage few other personal injury firms can offer. If a loved one has been involved in an airplane accident, allow The Barnes Firm to help guide you through this difficult and emotional process. Call an experienced airplane accident lawyer today for a FREE case evaluation.

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The Barnes Firm Helping You Get Answers

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Commercial Airlines

The airplane injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm have helped families and victims of regional, national and international plane accidents involving many major commercial airlines.

These companies, alongside aircraft manufacturers, airport operators, and their contractors, have a responsibility to ensure your flight is a safe one. Each company and individual in the airline industry are required to follow rules regulations, which are enforced by the Federal Aviation Administration. Unfortunately, these rules are sometimes broken, and some companies have chosen to put profits before passenger safety.

Single-Engine Aircraft Accidents

Airplane Accident Lawyer Helping Charter Plane Accident Victims

Although flying is statistically safer than riding in a car, small single-engine planes or charter planes have a higher accident rate.

There can be several factors behind a single-engine or charter plane accident, but pilot error and weather conditions are often the primary reasons. Our attorneys are familiar with single-engine aircraft and how they operate. With trained and licensed pilots on our team, The Barnes Firm can use their experience in the cockpit and in court to help victims and their families receive the best results possible.

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Aviation Accident Support

If your family has lost a loved one in an airplane accident or other accident, the emotional toll can be overwhelming, and there are several people who can help you manage the grief and sorrow that is associated with these tragic incidents. If you were fortunate to have survived a plane accident, you may find these resources just as beneficial to your physical and emotional well-being.

We’ve compiled several resources that provide information, counseling, and support to families and survivors of airplane tragedies. Some of these organizations can provide answers to your questions and in some cases, financial assistance:

Our Attorneys Are Pilots

Several of our attorneys are active Federal Aviation Administration certified and instrument rated pilots with decades of combined flight experience. Some of our attorneys and associates have also served as FAA-certified flight instructors in both single and multi-engine aircraft.

Our team consists of pilots who have represented individuals in airplane disasters ranging from small, single-engine aircraft to large commercial airlines. Their combined experience at The Barnes Firm gives us the knowledge and resources necessary to take on any airline corporation.

At The Barnes Firm, our goal is to provide accident victims and their families with outstanding legal services. We will work hard to ensure you receive the highest standard of excellence.

a helicopter taking off with sun in the background

Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are some of the most complicated vehicles in use today. Even a minor malfunction or pilot error can have disastrous consequences.

Most often, helicopters are used for aerial tours or regional transportation. However, they also have many other uses, including military exercise, law enforcement support and firefighting assistance.

In the event of a helicopter accident, it’s critical to speak with a team of caring professionals who can work alongside investigating agencies to uncover the truth and help provide closure to the family, friends, and victims of a helicopter accident. The Barnes Firm can put its best helicopter accident lawyer on your case to help investigate the accident and get the best possible result from a claim.

Airplane Accident Causes

There are several factors that could contribute to an airplane accident including machine or structural defects, improper maintenance and pilot error. As complex machines, airplanes need to be properly checked and consistently maintained. Unfortunately, some owners and airlines neglect this duty.

The following are other common causes of plane accidents:

  • Bad weather or turbulence
  • Airplane design problems
  • Runway incursions
  • Air traffic controller errors
  • Repair or maintenance mistakes
  • Approach or landing errors
  • Pilot error
  • Engine failure
  • FAA violations

Our plane accident attorneys are experienced in handling complex airplane accident litigation, and we have the resources our clients need to handle these complex cases.

Airplane Accident Injury Questions

All airplane accidents are different, and the agencies involved in plane injury accident investigations can vary. Depending on certain circumstances, such as where the incident occurred and who was involved, one or more of the following agencies could be involved in a lengthy investigation process:

  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Transportation Security Administration
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation

If an accident occurs overseas, the Department of Justice, Department of State or even the Department of Defense could be involved in an investigation. If the incident is a military airplane accident, the Military Safety Mishap Board will likely launch their own investigation into the cause(s) of the accident.

This is an incident at an airport, and it can involve an aircraft, a vehicle, a person or an object on the ground which creates a potential hazard for planes taking-off or landing.

Runway incursions usually occur as a result of pilot error or air traffic controller error. Although most runway incursions are avoided, these incidents cause minor and catastrophic accidents every year.

Wrongful death claims are lawsuits filed against an airline or manufacturer when a person is killed as a result of an airplane accident. Families of accident victims may file these claims to receive compensation for pain and suffering, mental anguish, loss of consortium, and future wage loss.

There are many factors that need to be weighed when making the decision to file a wrongful death claim, and there are legal deadlines that must be met for a family to receive compensation for the loss of a loved one. The Barnes Firm can inform you and your family of the deadlines that would apply to your claim, and help your family get the best result possible from a settlement or jury verdict.

Since there can be several factors that can cause an airplane accident, it is possible more than one company or person is responsible for an airplane accident. If there are any defects in a plane’s design, the airplane manufacturer could be held liable for an injuries or deaths in the event of an accident.

Their choice of materials, testing procedures, and safety features could come into question. That’s why an immediate legal investigation should launched to independently determine what went wrong — and why.

The FAA is responsible for watching domestic aircraft while in flight. If an investigation finds the airways were not properly monitored, the FAA could be held responsible for an accident. It is also possible that an air traffic controller fell asleep or left their post, putting airplanes — and lives at risk.

There are several companies, agencies and people that could be found negligent over the course of an investigation. Contact The Barnes Firm today for FREE consultation.

If you were injured on an international flight, your legal rights may be different. So if this occurs, you should immediately meet with an experienced airplane injury lawyer to discuss the laws related to the place(s) your flight originated from or landed at.

1. You’ll need to prove negligence. Like any personal injury claim, the burden is on you (and your legal team) to prove the airline or airport was negligent, and that negligence was directly related to your accident. This type of carelessness could be any of the following:

  • A slippery floor
  • Airplane crew failing to inform passengers to stay seated
  • Failure to secure luggage
  • Serving cart accidents
  • Burning liquids
  • And more.

Since airlines are common carriers, they have a heightened duty to care to their patrons on board, which can make it a little easier to prove negligence. 

2. Check FAA Regulations. Before you pursue any legal actions, you should see if your injury involved a violation of Federal Aviation Administration Regulations. These regulations will help you quickly determine what course of action you can take, and if there are any relevant rules that apply to your specific incident.
In most scenarios, the airline can only be held liable for your injuries if you can prove they were negligent in a court of law.

3. Connect with a Lawyer. There are many types of injuries that can happen in airport or while on a flight. If you’ve been injured, you’re going to want a legal team that has experience with the local, federal and international laws that can help you and your family get the best result possible from an injury claim.

When you contact an experienced lawyer at The Barnes Firm, we will provide a FREE case evaluation and connect you with our best airplane injury lawyer who can advocate for you on your behalf and explore the options available to you.