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Get To Know Rochester Injury Lawyer Timothy Hedges

Before I began my career as a personal injury attorney, I attended SUNY Buffalo on a five-year football scholarship for undergrad and earned recognition as the school’s outstanding student athlete for academic and on-field performance. Following graduation, I was actually recruited by the Buffalo Destroyers to play in the Arena Football League before I made the decision to go back to the University of Buffalo for law school.

After completing my J.D. with honors, my legal career made many stops along the way to Cellino & Barnes, and ultimately The Barnes Firm. I worked with several of the top legal individuals in New York State including former State Senator Hillary Clinton and State Appellate Division Justice Samuel Green. I also formerly worked as legal counsel for insurance companies, which continues to give me tremendous insight into combating their defense strategies as I represent personal injury clients today.

I like to mix it up whenever possible to support all local businesses, so I usually start with a favorite hometown restaurant when dining in Buffalo or Rochester.  If you must know, anywhere that serves up a great steak is where you can find me!

I think that everyone at some point has had to learn something the hard way. However, I think most important is the lesson learned.  I strive to learn from all experiences, good or bad. Now that I’m thinking about it, something as simple as booking an international flight to cooking a perfect dinner can be an “experience” – so, when in doubt, I always make reservations – for travel or to eat!

I don’t think doing something the “old” way is a good or bad thing. I do understand that it’s not always necessary to recreate the wheel but being more efficient and more effective is important in so many facets of life, personal and professional. So, in my mind, I will be doing everything the same – only better – and I will continue to work hard to improve in all facets of life.

Everything I have never tried.  There is never enough time in a single day to do, or try to do, everything. There are so many new things I look forward to trying and strive to be great at in the future.

This is simple, “Do unto others as you want others to do unto you.”

The best way is to email me at Tim.Hedges@TheBarnesFirm.com or call (800) 800-0000.