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Get To Know Long Island Injury Lawyer Jake Otis

I am excited to officially join the experienced team of attorneys at The Barnes Firm. I attended New York University and graduated from St. John’s University Law School, which is less than 30 minutes away from our Garden City office.

As a trial attorney, I cherish the opportunity to ensure the rights of accident victims are upheld in court. Furthermore, whether the case requires a verdict or settlement, I am committed to returning the best result possible to my client. I recognize the seriousness that every victim’s suffering deserves and work diligently on every personal injury case to secure a satisfactory outcome.

Beyond the courtroom, I try to stay active, and enjoy playing softball in the Queens City Softball League during the summer months. I am also proud to be the first lawyer in my family!

To Kill a Mockingbird, which is cliché, but it truly is a timeless story of a lawyer’s duty, and the integrity required of us in this profession.

Reminiscing with friends about old stories. I still keep a close group from when I grew up and from college.

I am adamant about my fitness routine. It helps me stay physically healthy, but it also clears my mind and reduces my workweek stress.

It is not all that far, but Austin, Texas. I hear great things about the music and food scene.

Becoming the first lawyer in my family and making my parents proud, for sure.

What fascinates me as an attorney are my clients. No one case is the same, and everyone has a unique story and situation.

The best way is to email me at Jake.Otis@TheBarnesFirm.com or call (800) 800-0000.