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Do I Need To Call The Police After A Car Accident In San Diego?

Do I Need To Call The Police After A Car Accident In San Diego?

SAN DIEGO — Getting into a car crash is something the vast majority of people experience at least once or twice in their lives. While most accidents do not cause life-threatening injuries, they’re nearly all inconvenient and costly. One of our best car accident lawyers in San Diego says not every single accident must be reported to local law enforcement, but you’ll want to file a police report in most cases when you’ve had a collision with another driver.

Reasons to File a Police Report after a San Diego Car Crash

Even when no one’s seriously hurt, accidents are unsettling and can leave the parties involved shaken. A police report helps all parties avoid confusion about what happened when they’ve had time to gather their thoughts. A police report may also be required by law, although not every accident requires one.  In minor fender-benders for example, if everyone’s insured and properly licensed, it might be tempting to avoid calling the police. There are a few reasons why that’s usually a bad idea:

People are Forgetful

Most people fail to remember the sequence of events in a car crash just moments afterward. Many times, a person may think they weren’t hurt in the accident just to start noticing nagging pain in the days or weeks afterwards. Without anticipating it, you might find yourself racking-up costly medical bills that you could be compensated for — but without the right documentation of the accident, insurance companies will quickly deny your claim.

With a police report stating the facts, you could also avoid being sued for things you didn’t do. A police report will show what really happened, what was actually damaged, and who actually got hurt — if anyone — at the time of the crash. The report will usually state who the officer believed was at fault for the accident.

Injuries May Rear Their Heads

Even minor car accidents can lead to injuries which may cause discomfort and prevent you from living a full life. Minor car accidents sometimes result in:

Our best car accident lawyer in San Diego says it’s also possible for the parties involved to walk away from an accident feeling fine, only to realize at a later time that they have sustained harm. This happens because our bodies respond to an unexpected and dangerous event like a crash with the fight-or-flight response. Our bodies flood with adrenaline until we feel we’re safe; so, we don’t feel the pain from our injuries right away.

It’s the Law

Each state has specific laws regarding when a police report is necessary after a car accident. In California, the law requires a person to file an accident report when they’re involved in any accident where property damage exceeds $1,000, or one where a person is injured.

A Police Report Can Help You Secure Compensation

Perhaps the most important reason to file a police report is to support your claim when it turns out you were hurt in an auto accident in San Diego. Attorneys with The Barnes Firm will use the police report — along with other evidence collected in an extensive accident investigation — to make a strong case for why you need compensation. Don’t communicate with insurers until after you’ve reached out to a reputable and reliable legal team.

If you’d like, our best lawyers in San Diego can go over your options with you in a brief phone call. Call them for a free consultation or fill out this form to get started.

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