Why Are There So Many Truck Accidents in California?

While all California drivers face dangers on all roads throughout the state, truck drivers are subject to a range of factors that compromise their safety due to the vehicle’s massive size, instability, and blind spots. Apart from the standard conditions of truck operation, additional factors that contribute to the staggering amount of truck accidents in California pertain to mechanical issues and unsafe driving. Consequently, tractor-trailer, delivery truck and work truck accidents are more prone to leave the occupants injured, or even killed.

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Accident Statistics

In 2017, 4,889 large bus and truck accidents were fatal, a 9% increase from 2016. In the same year, there were over 9,000 injuries that included trucks across the U.S. alone.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has reported on 2016 Commercial Motor Vehicle Related Fatalities by the numbers in California. 4,079 of fatal traffic accidents involved a large truck or bus, and these accidents resulted in 4,564 fatalities. The provided statistics show that accidents involving trucks do not just pose a risk to the driver, but are also more likely to take the lives of other, non-trucker motorists who are involved.

Most Common Types of Accidents


Exceeding the appropriate speed increases the truck driver’s chances of losing control of the vehicle and not being able to stop. According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, accidents caused by speeding killed over one thousand Californians in 2016.

Rollover Accidents

Tractor-trailers have a high center of gravity and are more prone to rolling because of traction loss, unsafe driving, and slippery roadways than smaller vehicles.

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Jackknife Accidents

This term applies when a truck and its trailer go into a skid, and the trailer swings out and stops, forming a 90-degree angle.

Unsafe Cargo Loading

Overloading can cause objects to fly off truck beds and into traffic behind the truck. If there is an uneven weight distribution in the trailer, the driver can quickly lose control of the vehicle.

Legal Counsel for Truck Accidents

While it is essential to practice safe driving and adhere to maintenance guidelines, some accidents are unpreventable. As a team of legal professionals and injury attorneys that focus on accident cases, The Barnes Firm is eager to help you. No matter the cause, if you are involved in a truck accident and require legal counsel, contact us today.