Who Is The Best Lawyer In LA?

One of the most common questions people from LA ask is, “Who is the best lawyer?” It is a tricky question to answer because, like doctors, lawyers can have a wide range of specialties, and the best lawyer for a car accident lawsuit could have no idea how to efficiently handle a case involving medical malpractice. If you were diagnosed with a severe case of Ebola, would you be asking, “Who is the best doctor in LA?” Probably not; Instead, you would want to search for a doctor who has a proven track record of success in curing patients who have been diagnosed with Ebola.

So, before you ask, “Who is the best lawyer in LA?” You should ask yourself, “Who is the best lawyer in LA for me?” This is a much more practical approach to finding an attorney, as “lawyers” can specialize in so many different legal areas. Your best bet is to cast a narrow net and search for the most suitable lawyer — not the “best” lawyer. Let’s discuss a few other questions you should ask to help identify the “best” attorney in LA for your circumstances.

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Why Do You Need a Lawyer?

To determine the best lawyer for your specific needs, you must first identify what your precise needs are. Do you want an attorney who will defend you against criminal charges, or are you a victim who is seeking to file a lawsuit against a party that is liable for damages? The best criminal defense attorney in all of Los Angeles is probably not an ideal option for somebody who is seeking to sue a commercial property owner for a slip-and-fall injury. And a medical malpractice attorney will likely be of no help to someone who needs help fighting wrongful kidnapping charges. Be as specific as possible when defining the reason why you need a lawyer.

Who Has Had Success With Similar Cases?

Once you have determined what your legal needs are, it’s time to find a lawyer that specializes in cases similar to the one you are dealing with. For example, let’s say you need help suing an amusement park for a neck injury you sustained while riding on one of their roller coasters. While this type of lawsuit falls under the umbrella of “personal injury,” you should not hire just any personal injury lawyer. You want a personal injury attorney with experience representing clients who’ve been hurt by theme park rides, rather than a personal injury lawyer who has only worked on cases involving neck injuries but not injuries that occurred at an amusement park.

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What Type of Awards & Recognition Do They Have?

After you identify a handful of attorneys who have demonstrated their success in the legal area that your case falls into, the next thing you should do is compare their awards, recognition, and other relevant credentials. There are many legal organizations, like Super Lawyer and The Best Lawyers In America, who provide peer reviews and ratings of attorneys and law firms who apply. Additionally, some of these legal organizations give awards to accomplished, well-reviewed lawyers — look for these awards as a way to verify the quality of an attorney.

What Is Your Budget?

The trickiest part of this process is finding a lawyer who not only has experience winning cases like yours, but also one with a service fee that falls into your price range. Depending on the lawyer you choose and the case you are dealing with, you may be charged a flat hourly fee or a percentage of your potential settlement from the case. So, this is the part where you may want to reach out to a few of your potential options and consult with them about their rates, the type of fees they use, and the strength of your case.

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