Nursing Home Negligence & Abuse

Nursing home negligence is a serious problem that impacts thousands of elderly Americans and their families each year. These tragic incidents often cause serious injuries and sometimes, untimely death.

The nursing home negligence lawyers at The Barnes Firm have years of experience working with victims of nursing home abuse, and their families. Our firm has a track record of getting our clients the best results possible. If you believe a loved one has been a victim of abuse or neglect, please contact one of our experienced nursing home abuse attorneys for a FREE consultation.

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Prevalence of Nursing Home Abuse

More than 3.5 million people reside in nursing homes, and that number is rising. Recent studies have found that roughly 44% of nursing home patients claim they’ve been a victim of nursing home abuse or neglect. Almost every patient polled said they’ve witnessed neglect at a nursing home.

These facilities are often understaffed, and workers may not always be properly trained. Studies have found that overworked and underpaid professionals can lead to attitudes that may contribute to carelessness, negligence, and sometimes, abuse.

When a nursing home fails to provide adequate care for a patient, causing injury or death, that patient and their family may be entitled to significant compensation.

Nursing Home Mistreatment

The following are common causes of neglect and abuse within US nursing homes and assisted care facilities:

Falls – These are some of the most common types of injuries in nursing homes. Staff members are responsible for providing a safe and respectful environment, but falls are often overlooked. These injuries can be serious, especially for elderly individuals.
Assault and Other Violent Crimes – Any type of violence in a nursing home is illegal. Whether a staff member, a guest, or another patient is responsible for the abuse, contact the local authorities immediately.
Negligent Care – Those admitted to long-term care facilities require these services because they will need the help and care of others. When patients do not receive care or attention, serious injuries can occur. Nursing home staff members are also responsible for administering the correct prescribed medication and amount to patients.
Malnutrition – Patients are often given too much or deprived of vital nutrients in some nursing homes. They may also receive disproportionate meals. It is crucial that each patient receives a balanced diet. Nursing home staff members must be properly trained in nutrition and the administration of meals.
Diabetic care – Those with diabetes are prone to high blood-glucose levels. This can impact the body’s ability to make insulin. This is a common disease where diabetics require special care in long-term care facilities.

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Common Signs Of Mistreatment (Continued)

Dehydration – Without water, any person can become dehydrated in just hours. This is especially true with those who are elderly, ill, or require special care.
Sepsis – This is an infection that can cause severe inflammation. If left untreated, a patient can enter septic shock, which has been known to be fatal.
Poor Hygiene – Staff members at all nursing homes should be trained to provide residents and guests a clean and sanitary environment. All bedrooms and bathrooms must be regularly cleaned and must meet specific sanitary guidelines. All facilities should have specific cleaning schedules.
Infections – Most infections can be avoided with good hygiene and the proper care, but they’re often misdiagnosed or ignored by facility staff. Infections affect a patient’s overall health and sometimes, compromise a person’s immune system.
Wrong medication – One of the most common mistakes in nursing homes have to do with the administration of medication. All patients require the correct medication and the proper amount, or there can be serious health consequences.
Wrongful Death
If you believe someone else’s negligence caused the untimely death of a loved one, you may be entitled to significant compensation. However, your case must be carefully examined by an experienced personal injury lawyer. Contact The Barnes Firm now to get the justice you deserve.

Signs of Abuse & Mistreatment

There are several warning signs that could indicate that physical abuse, verbal abuse, or neglect is happening to patients at a nursing home. These signs include:

  • A nursing home resident harming another resident
  • Injuries requiring emergency treatment
  • Hospitalization
  • Patients are frequently sick
  • Unexplained injuries
  • Sudden behavioral changes
  • Seclusion
  • Rapid weight loss or weight gain
  • Illnesses are not reported to physicians, families
  • Heavily medicated
  • Any broken bones, including a hip
  • Unsanitary conditions
  • The patient is reluctant to speak in front of staff members

If you have seen any of these warning signs at nursing home, contact The Barnes Firm today at (800) 800-0000 to talk with a lawyer now!