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Helicopter Accidents

Helicopters are some of the most complex motor vehicles, and one defect can cause a very serious, and often deadly crash. These crashes can have a profound impact on civilians at home as well as those serving in the military. Although the majority of these crashes occur during combat, some have occurred due to mechanical defects or insufficient training during exercises.

Since helicopters are complex machines, they also require the highest level of maintenance and piloting skills. When these skills are insufficient or compromised, accidents can and will happen.

Helicopters are also used for aerial tours, transportation for those critically injured at remote accident scenes, aerial support for law enforcement, and recreation.

Helicopter Crash Causes

When investigating a helicopter accident, there a number of factors that must be considered, including mechanical defects, structural instability, the lack of maintenance, and pilot error. Helicopters are some of the most complex vehicles ever built; as such, they must be inspected on a regular basis and consistently maintained. Sadly, this duty is often neglected.

These are some of the most common causes of helicopter crashes:

  • Bad weather or turbulence
  • Helicopter design problems
  • FAA violations
  • Landing errors
  • Air traffic controller errors
  • Repair or maintenance mistakes
  • Pilot error
  • Engine failure

The Barnes Firm will put its best helicopter accident lawyer on a case, and give their legal team the resources needed to help provide closure and get the best possible result for grieving families.

Helicopter Crash Questions

Who Investigates Helicopter Crashes?

The investigating agencies called to a helicopter crash can vary, depending on several factors such as where the incident occurred and who was involved. Typically, the most common investigating agencies will include:

  • National Transportation Safety Board
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
  • Federal Aviation Administration
  • Transportation Security Administration

If the accident happened overseas, the Department of State, Department of Justice or the Department of Defense could be called to investigate. When investigating a military helicopter accident, the Military Safety Mishap Board may launch an investigation into the cause(s) of the crash.

What’s a Wrongful Death Claim in relation to a Helicopter Accident?

A wrongful death claim is a type of lawsuit filed against the companies, organizations and entities that are liable when a person is killed as a result of an helicopter accident. In these situations, grieving families can file a claim to recover financial compensation for pain and suffering, loss of consortium, future wage loss, and more.

It’s important to note that, when filing a wrongful death claim, there are several legal deadlines that need to be met for a family to receive the maximum compensation after the loss of a loved one. At The Barnes Firm, their best helicopter accident lawyer can make sure these deadlines are met and your claim recovers the maximum compensation, whether it’s from a helicopter accident settlement or a verdict by a jury.

Who Can Be Sued For A Helicopter Accident?

It’s possible, and typical, that more than one company or person is held liable for a helicopter crash. For example, if an investigation finds any defects in a helicopter’s design, the copter’s manufacturing company can be held responsible for any injuries or deaths as a result of an accident.

In these cases, there are many questions to consider that may be unique to your family’s case, and these questions should be discussed with an experienced legal team.

It’s also possible to hold the FAA responsible; as the agency is tasked with monitoring many types of aircraft while they’re in flight. If an investigation discovers that an aircraft wasn’t properly monitored or communicated with, the FAA could be held at least partially liable for an accident. In some cases, air traffic controllers have fallen asleep or left their post, putting aircraft at extreme risk.

An independent investigation is a critical part of any legal claim, and it’s recommended that families impacted by a recent helicopter crash consult with an experienced legal team as soon as possible so that the unique details of your case are thoroughly examined. If you choose to contact The Barnes Firm, their best helicopter accident lawyer will provide you and your family with a FREE consultation to go over the details of your claim.

Use The Barnes Firm’s Flight Experience

Many of The Barnes Firm’s best aviation accident attorneys are also active Federal Aviation Administration certified and instrument rated pilots with years of flight experience. We’ve also served as FAA-certified flight instructors in many different types of aircraft.

The Barnes Firm’s team of pilots have also represented many families affected by aviation disasters ranging from small aircraft to large commercial airliners. This experience in the cockpit gives The Barnes Firm a unique perspective many other top law firms in California can’t match.  The knowledge The Barnes Firm’s attorneys possess coupled with the firm’s vast resources, give families the ability to fight any entity – from the large insurance companies to the corporations that build faulty aircraft.

The Barnes Firm’s goal is to families with outstanding legal services that achieve the best possible result.

Helicopter Accident Support

When a family loses a loved one in a helicopter accident, the pain and heartache can be overwhelming. Know that you aren’t alone. There are caring people and organizations who can help you stay strong during this extremely difficult time.

The Barnes Firm’s best helicopter accident lawyer will provide several resources that allow you to access information, counseling and support after any aviation accident. Many of these resources can help you find answers to your questions and in many cases, financial recovery:

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