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Workplace Safety: Shattering the Trend

Workplace Safety: Shattering the Trend

LOS ANGELES – You may have noticed there are a lot more construction projects in your neighborhood. Work is booming – and it’s getting more dangerous across the nation. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were more than 4,600 fatal work accidents last year, up 2-percent from 2013.

Fatal accidents skyrocketed in industries like mining (^17%) and agriculture (^14%) and researchers noted that slip and fall accidents are occurring more often (^10%).

A Los Angeles slip and fall lawyer at The Barnes Firm said the statistics show safety should be a larger focus for employers.

“Nearly 800 people were killed on the job last year because of a fall – and these accidents can be avoided in Los Angeles,” slip and fall attorney John Sheehan said. “Unlit stairwells, wet floors and construction site defects can have catastrophic results and it’s up to employers to make these areas safer for workers.”

The federal statistical analysis wasn’t all bad news. The labor statistics showed slip and fall accidents were the only major category in which worker fatalities increased in California. All other accident categories saw declining numbers.

In the Los Angeles area, 75 workers died on the job last year. That’s a 30 percent drop from 2013; and workplace fatalities decreased statewide by 16 percent.

“These numbers are encouraging because there are more workers employed and fewer accidents in Los Angeles,” Sheehan said. “However, 75 deaths are still too many – you shouldn’t have to go to work wondering if you’ll come home to see your family again.”

Property owners and managers can be held legally liable if a worker is injured due to a slip and fall. If the employer knew of, or should have known of a dangerous situation like an unlit stairwell, they may be found responsible for an accident.

Although the number of statewide workplace fatalities has decreased, labor experts say it is likely the byproduct of more ‘low-risk’ jobs in California – like office jobs and high-tech careers.

Los Angeles Slip And Fall Lawyer said it’s important to continue promoting safe work practices in all industries so unnecessary injuries and fatalities can be avoided.

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