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A San Francisco bus accident lawyer determines who's at fault in common bus crash scenarios

Who Is At Fault In A Bus Accident?

Who Is At Fault In A Bus Accident?

The number of buses on streets and highways can become overwhelming. The different types of buses seen daily include city buses, private charter buses, commercial buses, and school buses. A  bus accident lawyer says traffic collisions involving buses can become confusing and complicated. Determining who is at fault in a bus accident can be complicated, but it’s a necessary task, especially if multiple vehicles are involved and if multiple people (including bus passengers) sustain injuries.

Who Is At Fault In A Bus Accident?

Just like any car accident, it can sometimes be difficult to determine who is at fault for causing a bus accident.  Accidents involving conduct such as drunk driving or texting while driving may be easier to evaluate as fault can be clearly placed on the drunk driver or texter.  However, when accidents involve buses, placing blame on the proper party may be challenging.


The initial investigation into a bus accident will evaluate whether any driver committed a traffic violation which may have contributed to an accident.  It may turn out that the driver of a passenger vehicle is solely to blame for the accident.  In such cases, determining fault and resolving an insurance claim or lawsuit isn’t much different from any other motor vehicle accident.

If a bus accident lawyer uncovers evidence that suggests a bus driver committed some act which may have caused or contributed to cause the accident, the investigation can become tricky.  Not only is the bus driver involved in any insurance claim or lawsuit, but the company that owns and/or hires the bus driver may also be involved as a responsible party when filing an insurance claim or lawsuit.

City Buses, School Buses & Privately Owned Buses

If the bus involved in an accident is a city bus, the city may be considered a responsible at-fault party simply because the city would be responsible for employee actions.

To complicate things further, if the bus involved is a charter bus transporting students to or from an athletic event, the responsible at-fault parties may include the bus driver, the company that owns and/or hires the bus driver, and the school.  A bus accident lawyer says even if a bus driver’s conduct is the direct cause of an accident, the employer becomes a necessary party that is considered liable for employee conduct.  Bus accidents will inevitably involve additional parties when it comes to determining fault.

Multiple Parties At-Fault

Overall, the causes of bus accidents aren’t likely to be much different than the causes of car accidents.  As such, determining which person is directly at fault for causing the accident may not be overly complicated.  However, when multiple parties (aside from the individuals involved in the accident) play a role in determining fault, the investigation of the bus accident can be complex.  If you’ve sustained injuries in a bus accident, you’ll have a better understanding of assessing fault in bus accident cases by speaking with a qualified Bus Accident Attorney.

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