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What To Do After Getting in a Car Accident in San Francisco

What To Do After Getting in a Car Accident in San Francisco

With Friday afternoon quickly approaching, drivers in the Greater San Francisco area are anxious to get out of the office and enjoy the weekend. San Francisco car accident attorneys are urging everyone to still be mindful and drive safely. Getting into a car accident can be very stressful, and thousands of accidents happen every year around San Francisco. If you’re ever in a car accident in The Bay Area, keep the following tips in mind so you know what to do.

Check for Injuries

According to California state law, anyone involved in a car accident that results in injury must remain on the scene, give reasonable assistance, exchange insurance information, and report the accident. If no one has any serious injuries, move the cars off to the side of the road so traffic can pass. If you can’t move the car, turn on the hazard lights and stay inside with your seatbelt fastened until help arrives.

Gather Evidence

Oakland Injury attorneys at The Barnes Firm next recommend gathering necessary evidence after the accident, so take pictures of the cars’ damage, the license plates of the cars involved, and the area where the accident happened. If possible, take these pictures with your cell phone, since most devices will tag each picture with the time it was taken.

Contact the Police

When you contact the police, they will also investigate the accident, collect evidence, and take statements from witnesses. This information is important for your case, so be sure to ask the officers for their badge numbers and how you can get a copy of the police report.

Have an Attorney Evaluate Your Car Accident Claim for Free

You will probably have additional questions regarding your legal options. Oakland car accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm provide free consultations to assist with all your legal needs.

Seek Medical Treatment

Even if you think you don’t have any injuries, it’s important to seek medical treatment after an accident. Some signs of injury will take hours or even days to appear. Getting a checkup will make sure any injuries you sustained get treated right away, and it gives you the necessary medical paperwork to get a settlement for your injuries.

If you’re in a car accident in Oakland or San Francisco, contact The Barnes Firm to discuss your case with our qualified attorneys.

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