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Things To Know About Self-Driving Cars in California

Things To Know About Self-Driving Cars in California

The Department of Motor Vehicles recently passed regulations allowing for the public testing and deployment of driverless cars. San Francisco car accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm want all California residents to be prepared to see driverless vehicles on the road. Here’s what you need to know about this decision, so you’ll be in the know when fully autonomous vehicles are populating the streets.

Cars Won’t Be Completely Unmanned

Partly and fully autonomous vehicles have already been tested on public roads in California with a driver behind the steering wheel. With the new measure, the cars tested won’t necessarily have an operator in the driver’s seat. Self-driving and driverless vehicles have been tested in the Bay Area (San Francisco, specifically) and even in the traffic-heavy Los Angeles. However, they still need a remote operator to monitor the car and take over if needed. The remote operator is also responsible for working with other drivers and police in the event of a car accident in California.

Self-Driving Cars May Create a New Industry for Remote Operators

The remote operators standing by for the current public testing phase of autonomous vehicles will likely stick around when driverless cars are available for everyone. This means that remote workers will function like air traffic controllers who monitor traffic but also stand ready to take over driving a vehicle if any systems fail. Regardless of remote operators, San Francisco car accident attorneys are urging all drivers behind the wheel to be cognizant of this new technology.

We May See Vehicles Without Pedals and Steering Wheels

As we move closer toward eliminating the need for drivers, we can expect cars to be engineered in a completely new way. Congress is already considering bills that would allow manufacturers to produce autonomous vehicles without extraneous features such as steering wheels and pedals. Of course, legislation is a lengthy process. For now, you’ll still see traditional vehicles on the road.

The innovation of self-driving cars marks the beginning of a whole new set of rules and safety precautions, and though it significantly reduces the risk of accidents due to human error, collisions can still happen.

If you’re involved in an accident with a self-driving car as these autonomous vehicles become more common on the road, reach out to car accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Oakland, and San Diego for a FREE consultation.

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