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LOS ANGELES – It’s all about putting in your time and collecting that paycheck. Just ask Rihanna and Drake; everything seems to be about work, work, work, work, work, work.

Putting in overtime could be great for your wallet but a new study says it’s terrible for your health. Researchers at the University of Copenhagen teamed up with Purdue researchers to create the largest study of work production and its health effects. It found that when workload increases, so do injuries and illnesses.

According to a construction accident lawyer Los Angeles has many overworked employees, who often suffer injuries that can put them out of work for weeks, months and sometimes indefinitely.

“Some of the most severe workplace injuries are the result of overexertion in Los Angeles,” construction accident lawyer John Sheehan said. “These injuries not only grind production to halt – they put workers’ lives at risk and they can easily be prevented when employers put safety first on the job site.”

The joint study analyzed Danish production companies that experienced a surge in business from 1996 to 2006. Researchers found that employees suffered more illnesses and injuries after production increased just 10 percent.

As employees worked longer hours, their risk of injury skyrocketed. Companies with huge demands also found that workers were taking more sick time.

Economists and safety experts agree: taking breaks and staying refreshed is an important safety element in every workplace.

“Stress is a common factor in every job and that stress can sometimes lead to serious illnesses or injuries when a worker is overwhelmed,” Sheehan said. “Muscles fatigue over time and that can lead to falls or other serious accidents and it’s up to supervisors to make sure everyone remains safe at work.”

The Los Angeles construction accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm have fought to improve safety for all of California’s workers and the fight continues today. If you’ve been injured on a work site, The Barnes Firm can help.

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