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Our San Francisco car accident lawyer explains why summer is a dangerous time to be driving

Summer Weather and Vehicle Accidents

Summer Weather and Vehicle Accidents

While people might think that most vehicle accidents involving inclement weather occur during the winter, the summer months can present even higher dangers. According to a car accident lawyer, thousands of accidents that take place during the summer are due to the weather conditions.


Using data gathered between 1981 and 2010, scientists have concluded that typically, June is the wettest month of the year in the United States. The amount of rainfall during different seasons will depend on location. The West Coast of the U.S. usually sees peak precipitation during the winter, while the majority of the country has precipitation in the greatest quantities during the summer.

Rain can have a significant effect on transportation and the likelihood of a crash. In a recent study from the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, researchers found that precipitation increases the risk of a deadly traffic accident by 34 percent. A car accident lawyer at The Barnes Firm says any level of precipitation can result in a higher chance of a crash, the study said, with even light rain raising fatal crash rates by 27 percent.


The National Severe Storms Laboratory says that thunderstorms are most common during the spring and summer. In the Southeast, the West, and along the Gulf Coast, thunderstorms happen more frequently during spring and afternoons. In the Plains, they are more likely to occur in the late afternoon and at night in spring and summer. However, thunderstorms can happen at any time of day.

Heavy rain, lightning, and hail can accompany a serious thunderstorm, all of which can quickly cause major traffic jams and traffic accidents. With these events being more likely in the summer, weather-related accidents can rise from June to August.


Though less common in the summer, fog can occur with certain conditions during the summer months, which can lead to traffic collisions. From 2007 to 2016, according to the Federal Highway Administration, more than 25,400 vehicle accidents took place during foggy conditions, leading to 8,902 people injured and 464 people killed. Fog represented 9 percent of all weather-related fatalities during this time period.

Extreme Heat

Temperatures can soar during the summer in many parts of the country, and extreme heat can contribute to traffic collisions. Heat affects people’s vehicles and people’s health. During instances of extreme temperatures, vehicles can overheat and break down, and tires can rupture. When someone experiences a vehicle malfunction like this, loss of control and a vehicle crash can easily take place.

In addition, prolonged exposure to the sun and high temperatures can leave people with heat exhaustion and fatigue. Our car accident lawyer says these are unsafe conditions under which to drive, and people who decide to travel while overheated or overly tired can cause serious accidents.

Direct Sun

The sun can be quite intense during the summer, particularly at certain times of day. When the sun is lower in the sky, around the times of sunrise and sunset, it can be blinding to drivers. If the sun is directly in a driver’s eyes or causing an extreme glare off of another vehicle or object, the driver is at risk for a vehicle crash.

During times of inclement weather conditions, drivers should be extra cautious. If it is raining or storming, you should consider staying home instead of traveling. If you find yourself driving in a weather event, remember to stay calm, and reduce your speed without slamming on the brakes. You should also turn on your lights during rain and fog, maintain a safe following distance, and keep your seat belt fastened.

Who To Call After An Accident

After any motor vehicle accident, you’re going to first want to get medical attention. Studies have shown that those who get immediate help from doctors have faster recovery times. You’re also going to want to contact police so that they can dispatch a traffic officer who can issue an accident report.

Finding the best law firm can also play a critical role if you’ve been hurt in a crash. When you call The Barnes Firm, we can put our best car accident lawyer on your case so you can be assured that we’re working to help you get the best possible result. Call us or reach an attorney online for a FREE consultation.

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