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Study: Truck Drivers’ Health Linked to Crash Risk

Study: Truck Drivers’ Health Linked to Crash Risk

LOS ANGELES – Millions of Americans have medical conditions ranging from minor side effects to life-threatening seizures. Although these conditions rarely occur, they can be brought-on at any moment – even when you’re driving.

Medical conditions are some of the top causes of truck crashes today, and many truck drivers risk their lives – and the lives of others – without knowing how their health can affect their ability to handle and 18-wheeler.

According to researchers at the University of Utah School of Medicine, commercial drivers with three or more medical conditions double, or even quadruple their chance for causing a truck accident than their peers who are in better health.

The new study looked at the medical records of nearly 50,000 commercial truck drivers, and researchers found evidence that drivers are often rolling the dice. Around 34 percent of truck drivers showed signs of at least one of several medical conditions that have been linked to poor driving performance.

These medical conditions included:

  • Heart Disease
  • Lower Back Pain
  • Diabetes
  • And Others

When doctors compared a driver’s medical history and their crash records, they found that drivers with at least three conditions were very likely to have been involved in a truck crash. The study found that more than 80 drivers fell into this category.

According to federal statistics, truck accidents occur at a rate of 29 crashes per 100 million miles traveled. However, researchers found that commercial drivers with multiple medical condition experienced much higher crash rates: 93 per 100 million miles traveled.

Minor Health Conditions Can Be Dangerous

Researchers say their findings suggest that one medical condition can be manageable for most drivers but when they’re combined with other conditions – like high blood pressure or anxiety – the driver faces a much higher risk of causing a crash.

Currently, truckers with major health concerns can be pulled from the driver’s seat, as per commercial motor vehicle guidelines. However, these guidelines do not look at multiple minor symptoms, and researchers believe this could be a safety oversight.

Doctors say they’re going to continue their research on this subject in an attempt to make the roads and highways safer for all drivers.

Getting Help After A Crash

If you or a loved one has suffered injuries in a truck crash, there are people who can help.

The Los Angeles truck accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm have years of experience investigating truck crashes, and in any investigation, evidence can play a key role. A Los Angeles truck accident attorney can not only look at the official crash report – they will also gather a person’s driving record, safety record and medical history as evidence.

By law, a truck driver is required to log drive-time and get enough rest. Unfortunately, many truck drivers do not get the proper amount of rest, and this can have dangerous consequences. Los Angeles truck accident lawyers say some medical conditions can also increase their risk, and in some cases, be a contributing factor in a crash.

When you or a loved one has been involved in a truck crash, rely on the Los Angeles truck accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm to help you get the best result possible. With offices in downtown LA, our lawyers are local, and available to help you. Call today for a free consultation.

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