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A Los Angeles bike accident lawyer says there are specific steps cyclists need to take to get compensation after being hit by a car

Steps to Take if You Were Hit While Riding A Bicycle

NY & CA bicycle accident lawyersSteps to Take if You Were Hit While Riding A Bicycle

Bicycle accidents plague thousands each year.  According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were a total of 127 bicyclist deaths from traffic accidents in 2017, accounting for three percent of all traffic accident fatalities.  Bicyclists are vulnerable motorists that often must navigate through congested traffic to get to their destination.  It’s no secret that drivers and bicyclists don’t have the best relationship bike accident lawyer says it doesn’t have to be that way!

When drivers are aware of bicyclists, and the proper infrastructure is in place (bike lanes), the number of accidents could be reduced significantly.

Steps to Take if You Were Hit While Riding A Bicycle

Sustaining injuries in a bicycle accident can be a life-altering event.  An injured bicyclist may no longer be able to walk, may be paralyzed, may suffer a head injury, or may sustain internal injuries, such as punctured organs and internal bleeding.  In the worst cases, bicyclists can sustain fatal injuries.  Bicyclists may wear helmets to help minimize a blow to the head from a collision, but helmets don’t prevent all head injuries.

Given the serious nature of bicycle accident injuries, a bike accident lawyer says anyone who sustains injuries while riding a bicycle should consider the following steps after an accident:

  • Seek medical attention, especially if injuries are severe;
  • If emergency medical treatment isn’t needed, injured individuals should assess the accident scene by taking pictures and getting witness statements (if possible);
  • Determine if there is an insurance policy which may provide compensation to an injured victim (such as a homeowners’ or auto insurance policy which may provide coverage for bicycle accident injuries; however, if a driver or another individual was at fault for causing the accident, that person’s insurance policy might provide compensation);
  • Seek the advice of a California Bicycle Accident Attorney as soon as possible following the accident (this step may be taken before speaking with a representative of an insurance company; an attorney can assist injured individuals with insurance matters which can be complicated); and
  • Pursue legal action if necessary by filing a civil lawsuit against the alleged negligent party who caused a bicyclist to sustain injuries in an accident.

It isn’t always possible to complete the above-listed steps.  Depending on the severity of a bicyclists’ injuries, the injured party may not have the physical or mental capacity to make decisions immediately.  For example, if a bicyclist sustains head injuries, he or she may need ample time to recover before addressing the insurance process and/or working with an attorney.  Family members can be extremely helpful in such situations when an injured victim needs assistance to pursue legal action.

The most important thing to remember about bicycle accident injuries is that time is limited to file a claim.  Therefore, it isn’t a good idea to wait too long to speak with a bicycle accident attorney.  Many injured individuals are hesitant to speak with an attorney, perhaps because they aren’t sure whether they have a potential legal claim.  In such cases, there is no harm by getting the advice and recommendations of an attorney.  The worst thing that can happen is that an attorney or law firm turns down an injured person’s claim.  As such, there’s little risk to the injured party by at least speaking with a qualified Bicycle Accident Attorney.

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Bicycle and pedestrian accidents are rampant, often causing severe injuries which may be fatal.  If you were riding your bicycle and suffered injuries in an accident, you should find out what your legal options are for pursuing compensation.

An experienced legal team could help you recover compensation for things like:

  • Medical Bills
  • Lost Wages
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