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What Steps Should I Take After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego?

What Steps Should I Take After Getting in a Motorcycle Accident in San Diego?

It’s hard to argue with the coolness and convenience of riding a motorcycle. You also pay less at the fuel pump and have less impact on the environment. Even so, you need to know what to do in case you end up in a motorcycle accident in San Diego.

According to motorcycle accident attorneys, bike accidents usually occur due to skidding, bike defects, poor riding skills, or speeding. It can also be due to tailgating, lane splitting, and getting hit by car drivers. Other accidents happen because of impaired road users and road hazards.

Additionally, it is common nowadays for accidents to occur due to smartphones. Many road users take risks by texting while driving, riding, or walking. Unfortunately, these accidents lead to severe injuries or death for the parties involved.

Thus, you should know what to do after a motorcycle accident in San Diego.

What You Should Do After a Motorcycle Accident

Last year, there were more than 950,000 motorcycles registered in California. As a rider, you always have to be cautious since you don’t have the protection a car affords. If things go wrong, you and other road users might end up in a tough predicament.

Here’s what you should do if you are in a motorcycle accident in San Diego:

Check for Injuries

The first thing is to check yourself for injuries. Bike accidents can cause neck, spinal, and head injuries. Other common injuries include broken bones, cuts, and skin scrapes.

If you are sure your injuries aren’t bad, go check on the other people involved. Regardless, you should visit a medical professional to examine you just in case.

Call the Police and Emergency Services

Next, call the police and first responders and report the accident. Inform them if there are any people who need immediate assistance.

Review the Accident Scene

Take photos and talk to witnesses where possible. Get their version of the story and don’t admit your fault. Take their contacts as well in case you need them for a claim.

Handle Insurance Issues

Call your bike insurance company and tell them about the accident. Again, don’t admit fault anywhere near the witnesses or the other parties.

Ask the other parties for their insurance details and contacts. Moreover, don’t take cash or make any other side deals without guidance from your insurer. A bike insurance claim can help you get money for repairs or to buy a new bike.

Call Your Lawyer

Finally, call your lawyer and tell them everything without sparing any details. Our San Diego motorcycle attorneys say they should ideally be second on your list of calls. They are of great importance in dealing with road accidents.

They will make a claim, which will cover several costs. These include paying for your injuries, treatment, therapy, and counseling. They can also recover money spent on medical devices such as wheelchairs or crutches. They may help you get compensation for losing wages during treatment as well.

Learn More About Dealing with Personal Injury or Auto Accidents

With these tips, you’ll know what to do after a motorcycle accident. Make sure to call the police, your lawyer, and insurer. Moreover, be polite as you review the accident scene and talk to other parties. Don’t admit to anything or lash out at other people.

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