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Scaffold & Ladder Accidents in Los Angeles Construction

Scaffold & Ladder Accidents in Los Angeles Construction

Falls account for almost 40 percent of deaths in the construction industry. Unfortunately, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have seen many trials in which falls from scaffolds and ladders are the major contributor to this unfortunate statistic.

Exploring Issues That Often Contribute to Scaffold and Ladder Accidents

Construction workers who use scaffolds and ladders are naturally exposed to the risk of falling. Although this risk is a presumed part of construction work, OSHA standards continue to tightly regulate the type of environment that workers require to safely use construction equipment. A violation of these standards or negligence on the part of an employer or another party that contributes to personal injury damages may give the injured individual grounds to claim damages outside of what’s provided through work-related insurance.

Issues that often contribute to scaffold and ladder accidents include things such as:

  • exceeding weight loads
  • failing to provide adequate supervision
  • setting up work areas that are too narrow

If you’re ever exposed to such hazards and they contribute to a fall and damages, take advantage of a free legal consultation to explore your options for financial recovery with Los Angeles construction accident lawyers at The Barnes Firm.

Understanding the Damages of a Slip and Fall Accident

Being hurt at work due to a slip and fall, especially in a fall from the height of a scaffold or ladder, can lead to debilitating, long-term injuries that impact your ability to return to work or continue your career in the construction industry. This is why it’s important to work with a knowledgeable legal team that will pursue all damages, present, and future.

A qualified attorney can work with you to examine all medical expenses, the cost of ongoing rehabilitation, the cost of missing work and being unable to return to the same position or advance in your career, and other damages related to your case. Contact Los Angeles construction accident attorneys at The Barnes Firm for more information about scaffold and ladder accidents in Los Angeles.

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