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Is it Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in Oakland, California?

Is it Safe to Drive a Motorcycle in Oakland, California?

Many people say there’s no feeling quite like being on a motorcycle, cruising around in the beautiful Bay Area.

Currently, over 8.4 million people own and drive motorcycles, and there are more registered two-wheeled vehicles in California than in 49 other states. Only Florida has more motorcycles on the roads.

An Oakland motorcycle accident lawyer says one in every 36 people in this country owns a bike. And for good reason. It’s an incredibly fun hobby, but it doesn’t come without its risks. Here are some motorcycle accident facts you should be wary of.

1. A Majority of Motorcycle Accidents Happen from 3-9 P.M.

Motorcycle crash statistics show that the majority of accidents happen between the hours of 3-9 P.M., on both weekends and weekdays.

This is the time frame in which most people are commuting from work during the week or cruising around town during the weekend. And, according to Bay Area motorcycle accident attorneys, more cars on the road means more danger.

This is important to note if you’re looking to go joyriding, you might want to skip these hours of the day to ensure your safety.

2. Motorcyclists are 28x More Likely to Die Than Car Drivers

With great power comes great responsibility, so if you’re going to be throwing your legs over a 350 horsepower engine, you’d better do it carefully. To this end, understand that motorcyclists are 28 times more likely to die in a crash than car or truck drivers.

You might want to think again if you’re riding without a helmet, because statistics show they can save lives.

3. Helmets Reduce Risk of Death or Brain Injury by 37%

To understand just how important protection is when riding a motorcycle, wearing a helmet reduces your risk of death or brain injury by 37%.

This cuts your risk of death by nearly half. By practicing other safe riding habits – driving the speed limit, wearing other padding, staying sober – you can reduce your risk even further, according to Oakland motorcycle injury attorneys.

4. Motorcycle Deaths Have Been Steadily Rising Since the 1990s

In California alone, fatal motorcycle accidents accounted for 5.7% of all vehicular deaths in 1994, but jumped to 14% of all traffic fatalities in 2016.

There are many reasons for this. Roads are becoming more congested, more people are buying motorcycles, and motorcycles are becoming more powerful than ever before.

5. 27% of Motorcycle Crashes Are Due to Drunk Driving

This statistic speaks for itself. If you drive under the influence, it is statistically more likely to get injured in a vehicular accident, killed, or arrested more often than not.

Now That You Know About These Motorcycle Accident Facts…

Hopefully, you’ve taken the necessary precautions we’ve explored above. Even if you have, your life is constantly in danger because other drivers and riders may not be as responsible.

When accidents happen, know you can rely on an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer at The Barnes Firm to handle your claim. Be sure to contact The Barnes Firm motorcycle injury lawyers for a FREE consultation, and we’ll make sure your case is handled by one of our best motorcycle accident lawyers in Oakland.


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